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Project:Amanda Enterprise 3.5

Verifying Amanda Enterprise System and Environmental Requirements

Almost all failed installations or problems with backups fall into two categories:

  • The Amanda Enterprise server or one of its clients does not meet the system requirements which include package dependencies.
  • The Amanda Enterprise defaults do not match the local configuration, meaning one or both must be changed.

To avoid these problems, read the Amanda Enterprise 3.5 system requirements.

Installing the Correct Amanda Enterprise Components and Licenses

If you intend to run the Amanda Enterprise backup server (referred to as the Amanda server) on the same machine as the file systems being backed up, this is simple: just choose the appropriate binary distribution from the Zmanda network downloads page, install 3.5 using the Installer *run file, then download and install the license key. If you intend to run an Amanda server to back up one or more remote hosts, multiple installations on the remote hosts are required.

These procedures are detailed in Downloading and Installing Amanda Enterprise Components.

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