Amanda Enterprise Edition 3.3.2 Release Notes

Amanda Enterprise 3.3.2 provides new functionality and fixes the issues reported by Amanda Enterprise customers.   Please note that Amanda Enterprise 3.3.2 installer has .run extension. It works similar to older installers.

Amanda Enterprise Solaris server is not yet available. This will be available later.

Amanda Enterprise 3.3.2 does not support NDMP and Single tape drive. Please use Amanda Enterprise 3.1.5 for these configurations.

Upgrading Amanda Enterprise 3.1.5 server to 3.3.2

  • It is not possible to upgrade configurations from Amanda Enterprise 3.1.5 to Amanda Enterprise 3.3.2. The migration of configurations will be supported in later release.
  • You can use the old configurations to re-create the backup sets manually. The backup images will be created using Amanda Enterprise 3.1.5 will be recoverable using Amanda commands.

Upgrading Amanda Enterprise Linux/Mac OS X Clients to 3.3.2

  • Do NOT use package upgrade option to upgrade to 3.3.2  Uninstall the old package and install 3.3.2 client packages.
  • For rpm based installations, use the following commands:
    • rpm -e <amanda enterprise client extension package>
    • rpm -e <amanda enterprise client package>
    • rpm -i amanda_enterprise-backup_client-3.3.2-1.*
    • rpm -i amanda_enterprise-extensions-client-3.3.2-1*
  • For debian/ubuntu installations, use the following commands:
    • dpkg --remove <amanda enterprise client extension package>
    • dpkg --remove <amanda enterprise client package>
    • dpkg --install amanda-enterprise-backup-client_3.3.2*
    • dpkg --install amanda-enterprise-extensions-client_3.3.2*
  • On MacOS X,
    • Install the package by double clicking on the disk image (.dmg) for the client and extensions packages.

New Features in 3.3.2

  • Amanda Enterprise server and client support for  Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 9.10, Fedora 14, Fedora 13 and Debian 6
  • Support for Fedora 8 and 9 has been dropped.
  • Support for new Amazon S3 cloud features and new locations (such as Oregon, Sao Paulo/Brazil).
  • Support for Google Enterprise Cloud.
  • Significant enhancements to ZMC and ZMC processes.
  • Significant changes in the configuration of disk and cloud devices. ZMC automatically determines the slot information. This change simplifies the device configuration.
  • Support for Multiple drives in a tape library in the same backup set.
  • Parallel backups and recovery in a backup set.
  • Support for Linux databases - Oracle and Postgres.
  • Support for Windows and Windows applications.


For a full list of supported platforms please review the compatibility guide here.

Amanda Enterprise 3.3 documentation provides detailed information on how to install and configure Amanda server and client on these platforms.

Known Issues

  • Express restore of incremental Windows file system backups works only with overwrite existing confict resolution policy.