Amanda Enterprise ZMC Patch

Amanda Enterprise ZMC patch is a patch release that provides bug fixes for ZMC issues reported by Amanda Enterprise customers.  The patch release contains fixes only to the Amanda server.

All Amanda Enterprise 3.3.2 customers should install this patch.

Patch installation procedure

Note: Zmanda Management Console should not be in use during this process. Amanda backup or restoration should not be in progress.

  1. You should be running Amanda Enterprise 3.3.2 on the Amanda Server.
  2. Patch must be installed on the Amanda server.
  3. If ZRM is installed, Stop ZRM ZMC services

# /etc/init.d/zmc_zrm stop

  1. Install the patch as super user on the Amanda server.
  • Extract the perl script using gunzip command

# gunzip

  • Change permissions

# chmod 700

  • Run the perl script

# ./

  1. Flush the browser cache.
  2. Restart ZRM ZMC services if it was stopped in step 1.

Changes in the patch

  • Immediate backups do not result in ZMC Internal error. This issue happens intermittently.
  • More than 999 virtual tapes can be now used.
  • When you are restoring to Windows client, the restore attempts fails with message "No matching dumps found" incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.
  • When a physical tape is labeled, other archived tapes in the backup set are removed.
  • Issues with Windows exclude list has been fixed.
  • When Backup set switcher is enabled in Admin Preferences page, the amanda configuration file generated was incorrect. It has been fixed.

Known Issues

  • Recycle and Drop options in the Backup Media page do not work. Please use command line option to accomplish this functionality. This issue will be fixed in next release.