Amanda Enterprise ZMC Patch

Amanda Enterprise ZMC patch is a patch release that provides bug fixes for ZMC issues reported by Amanda Enterprise customers.  The patch release contains fixes only to the Amanda server.

All Amanda Enterprise 3.3.3 customers should install this patch.

Patch installation procedure

Note: Zmanda Management Console should not be in use during this process. Amanda backup or restoration should not be in progress.

  1. You should be running Amanda Enterprise 3.3.3 on the Amanda Server.
  2. Patch must be installed on the Amanda server.
  3. If ZRM is installed, Stop ZRM ZMC services

# /etc/init.d/zmc_zrm stop

  1. Install the patch as super user on the Amanda server.
  • Extract the perl script using gunzip command

# gunzip

  • Change permissions

# chmod 700

  • Run the perl script

# ./

  1. Flush the browser cache.
  2. Restart ZRM ZMC services if it was stopped in step 1.

Changes in the patch

  • ZMC login process has been made faster. 
  • ZMC/Amanda will not prune last full backup for a backup object. It keeps it around till next successful backup is performed.
  • The disk storage used by partial and failed backups are removed automatically when the retention policy expires.
  • ZMC internal errors during tape labelling or configuration of tape changer has been fixed.
  • Restoration of Windows System State backup images was timing out. This has been fixed and the timeout is configurable from Admin|Preferences page.