Monitor Events

Monitoring Amanda Events

ZMC Monitor Events page provides information about all events on the backup server. This includes backup and restoration.

Event Log table


The table columns are:


When the event occurred, in yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss format.
The Amanda/ZMC component that generated the event, such as planner, amdump, taper or the Zmanda Network.
failure (which require immediate attention), warning, or info.
Backup Set 
Backup Set name (if the message was generated by Amanda)
The event description includes links to the Zmanda Network Knowledgebase or the Amanda wiki that describe the event and any corrective actions if required.
Events can be generated by Amanda Enterprise modules and the Zmanda Network.
  • Amanda Enterprise Edition generates lots of events during a backup process and configuration process.
  • Zmanda Network provides security and product alerts.
  • Events about all backup sets are provided in the same view irrespective of the backup set selected.
All events are retained indefinitely, letting you track error trends across backup runs over time.

Amanda Enterprise log files

Amanda Enterprise log files are stored in /var/log/amanda. ZMC UI log messages are stored in /opt/zmanda/amanda/logs and /opt/zmanda/amanda/apache2/logs directories. The zm-support tool captures these logs and sends them to Zmanda Technical Support to assist troubleshooting.

Log Rotate Utility

ZMC works with the Linux logrotate utility to prune active logs. If desired, use crontab to set up log rotation.

Here is an example crontab entry:

0 1 * * 1,5 logrotate /etc/logrotate.d/zmc_logrotate (For 1 AM on Monday and Friday of each week)