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Vaulting is the process of creating a copy of backup images in another media. You can vault from backup image on disk to another disk, cloud or tape in a tape changer.  Amanda Enterprise tracks the backup copies in the backup catalog and will allow restoration from the backup media volumes as well as the vaulted volumes.

To perform a vault, you will have to configure a vault job. You can create a vault job in a series of pages - Vault WhatVault Where, and Vault When.

In Vault What page, you can configure what backup images should be vaulted for the backup set.  As the figure below shows, you can vault the latest full backup or full backups only or all backup levels.


After you select backup level (full backups only and all backup levels), the user can select which backup images can be vaulted. 


You can select the latest backup run or backup runs started in the last XX days. You can select a specific time frame to do vault immediately (Vault Now).