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Table of contents
  1. 1. Zmanda Backup Server Appliance is a Vmware Virtual Machine with Amanda Enterprise 4.X server images, patches and dependencies. It includes both Amanda server and client packages. All Amanda pre-requisites to perform file system backups to disk are installed. Additional packages might be required for backups of other applications/databases. Please go through Zmanda Application documentation for details. Server backup virtual appliance uses 64bit Rocky Linux 8.6.
      1. 1.1.1. Appliance Images
  2. 2. The appliance image is available in OVF (.ova) format. This image works on VMware ESX 6.x or above. Disk space requirements: The minimum disk space requirement is 100GB.
      1. 2.1.1. How to Use These Images
  3. 3. Download the images from Zmanda Network to the machine where Vmware vSphere or vCenter console is running. Importing Backup appliance image into Vmware  Vmware ESX 6.x ( or above) : To import .ova file, In the vSphere Client, right click on ESXi host where you want the VM then select Deploy OVF Template.  Specify the source location in Deploy from a File or URL . Select the host where you want to deploy the ZBA. Select the datastore for the ZBA virtual machine. Select the disk format as Thin Provisioned. Click Finish, to import the ZBA. Click on Power on the virtual machine to boot the virtual machine from the vSphere Client panel.
      1. 3.1.1. Backup Server Configuration
  4. 4. When the virtual machine has booted up, you will be connected to the Zmanda Management Console to manage the backup set configuration. The root password for the virtual machine is zmanda.  Please change the password before deploying it in production. The host name of the virtual machine is Backup-Appliance, and it will obtain an IP address using dhcp. Please make sure Backup-Appliance is added to the name server or resolvable using /etc/hosts file. Zmanda Management Console UI will default use the port 8008 and where as Aamanda Enterprise server uses 8002. SSH to the running VM and run the command "/opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/reset-admin-password" to reset the admin password. (Note: username should be given as admin) Access https://<ip address of this virtual machine>:8008/ to connect to the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) running on the virtual machine. To set the timezone correctly use Set Timezone option in the Virtual machine console. User can download his trial/production license file from Zmanda Network. Download license file and upload it on the Zmanda Management Console in the “Licenses” section, under the “Settings” tab. For more details please the License page.  Steps to download the license file:  STEP 1: Login to your Zmanda network account and click the download icon for the license you wish to download.    STEP 2: Enter the MAC address of your ZMC server and a name. Once the details are entered, click on submit and license downloads successfully.  If there is any change in MAC and server name then Customer can contact the sales team.