Zmanda Mac OS X Client

Zmanda Mac OS X Client is a certified Amanda network backup software, tested and supported by Zmanda. This document has been prepared in conjunction with the Amanda Enterprise Edition 4.1 release.  

Amanda Enterprise Edition Mac OS X Client packages are available from theZmanda networkdownload page. The list of supported Mac OSXversions is available in thecompatibility matrix.  

This document confers about the Amanda Enterprise Edition Mac OS X Client installation, configuration and verification procedures. Please refer toAmanda Enterprise Edition 4.1 ZMCUser's Guide for information on how to install and configure the Amanda server. All Amanda Enterprise Edition features discussed inAmanda Enterprise Edition 4.1 ZMCUser's Guidealso applies to Mac OS X clients.  

Installing the Zmanda Mac OS X Client

1.       Amanda client for Mac OS X has three packages: Amanda pre-requisites, Amanda client and Amanda extensions.  

2.       Download package dependencies image and Amanda Enterprise Edition Mac OS X client package available from the Zmanda Network page when you select Mac OS X as the client platform.  

3.       You will need about 80 MB disk space for Amanda and pre-requisites package.  

4.       Please make sure the package architecture (PPC or x86) is appropriate for the Mac hardware architecture. Otherwise, following error dialog will appear during installation.  




5.       The Amanda pre-requisites package contains all open source packages that are required for Amanda. Install the pre-requisites package (Double-click on the package).  

6.       After successful installation of pre-requisites, install Amanda Enterprise client (Double-click on the package).  

7.       It's good to have installer logs window open during installation (Click Mac Command key + L together). You will see the window as shown below.  Use drop down box (Click Mac Command Key + 3 together) to see error logs.  You can save logs in case of installation error.  






8.       Amanda Enterprise client includes a README file that provides information about client configuration (creation of amandabackup user, firewall changes and other customizations) as shown below.  




9.       The Amanda Enterprise Client installer provides an option to install an alternate location. This is not supported. Install Amanda Enterprise Client only in default location.  

10.   After installing Amanda Enterprise Client, Install Amanda Enterprise Extensions Client package (Double-Click on the package).  

Post-installation checklist  

  • Perform operations that are common to all Amanda clients :  

-Updating index_server and tape_server to Amanda server in the /etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf configuration file.  

-Add Amanda server to /var/lib/amanda/.amandahosts file  

<Amanda Server> amandabackup amdump  

  • Assign a password to the amandabackup user that was created the client install. This user on the Mac OS X client can be used for command line operations.  

Adding Client file systems in ZMC  

You can add the Mac OS X file systems/folders to the backup set using Zmanda Management Console. Use the Sources page in the Zmanda management console to configure the Mac OSX client. You will need to specify the client name and the directories to back up. Amanda Enterprise does not cross file system boundaries and thus each file system/partition should be entered as its own entry (separate DLE object).  


Extended Attributes under Advanced Options in the Sources page should not be selected for Mac OS X file systems. Extended attributes (such as Mac OS X resource forks) are backed up by default for Mac OS X and there is no option to turn it off.  

Restoration to Mac OS X client  

If you are restoring to Mac OS X client which has Amanda Enterprise client installed, use Zmanda Management Console Restore Pages.  The Restore What page explore window will display both resource forks and actual files in the window. The resource forks start with "._" characters. Both resource fork and the file name for complete file restoration including attributes.  

Provide the Mac OS X machine where backups are being restored to in the Destination Host field in Restore Where page. Do not provide Destination User Name 


If you are restoring to a machine that does not have Amanda client installed, ssh will be used for restoration.  An administrative user on Mac OS X is required for this method and must be provided in Destination User Name field in Restore Where page.  The following screen shows how to create "zmanda-admin" Administrative user on Mac OS X. Rest of the restore process is similar.  


Compatibility with Amanda Server  

The Amanda Enterprise 3.6 Mac OS X client is compatible with Amanda servers running Amanda Enterprise Edition 4.1.  

Uninstalling client software  

Mac OS X 10.5 or later  

Use pkgutil to remove Amanda client packages  

sudo pkgutil --forget com.zmanda.amanda_enterprise-backup_client  


sudo pkgutil --forget com.zmanda.amanda_enterprise_extensions-client  

Mac OS X 10.4  

Uninstalling Amanda client software involves moving the software directory to Trash 

  1. Delete or Drag /opt/zmanda/prereq folder to Trash 
  2. Delete the package receipts in /Library/Receipts folder  







Upgrading from Amanda Mac OS X clients (compiled on your own)  

Successfully upgrading from a self-compiled version of the Amanda client to Amanda Enterprise Edition 4.1 depends on the compile-time configuration parameters. Some configuration changes may be required to compile and upgrade. Please contact [email protected]  if you are interested in upgrading to the Amanda Enterprise 4.1 Mac OS X client.