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Table of contents
    1. 1.1. 1. Important Notes:
    2. 1.2. 2. Uninstall 3.6: 
  1. 2. 3. Pre-migration steps:  
  2. 3. 3.   If migration has already been attempted and failed, delete all migrated configurations from the Zmanda console [Not needed if running for the first time].    
  3. 4. 4. Then execute the following cmds:           o   Go to the directory /etc/amanda:     ls [config backup dir]|xargs rm -rf; cp -R [config backup dir]/*/ ./; chown -R amandabackup *; chgrp -R amandabackup *  o    Go to the directory /etc/zmanda/zmc/zmc_ags/device_profiles:    rm -rf *.yml; cp [config backup dir]/*.yml ./; chown amandabackup *.yml; chgrp amandabackup *.yml                         [config backup dir] – path of the directory where the backup set directories and device yaml files have                         been backed up to.  5. Run the following cmd[optional step]:         o   cat zmc_migrate_fix>/usr/sbin/zmc_migrate  6. To migrate AWS devices which have storage class set as ONEZONE_IA or STANDARD_IA, perform the following  changes in order to migrate such devices and the linked backup sets:         o   Go to - /etc/zmanda/zmc/zmc_ags/device_profiles         o   Open the yml file corresponding to the concerned AWS device         o   Update the value of the field S3_STORAGE_CLASS to STANDARD or REDUCED_REDUNDANCY. 
  4. 5. 4. Migration         
    1. 5.1.                           
  5. 6. 5. Expected Behavior         
  6. 7. 6. Post migration         
  7. 8. 7. Reporting a bug         
  8. 9. 8. Restoring Client-side Encrypted backup