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How to determine table of contents of an amanda backup tape

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Use this to get a list of tape in the tape changer:

-bash-3.00$ amtape tapetwo show
amtape: scanning all 16 slots in tape-changer rack:
slot 13: date X        label WeeklyTape-03
slot 14: date 20060504175020 label WeeklyTape-04
slot 15: date X        label WeeklyTape-05
slot 21: not an amanda tape
slot 1: date 20060502192252 label DailyTape-01
slot 2: date 20060503123930 label DailyTape-02
slot 3: date 20060504100557 label DailyTape-03
slot 4: date 20060504114648 label DailyTape-04
slot 5: date 20060505115611 label DailyTape-05
slot 6: date 20060505151220 label DailyTape-06
slot 7: date X        label DailyTape-07
slot 8: date X        label DailyTape-08
slot 9: date X        label DailyTape-09
slot 10: date X        label DailyTape-10
slot 11: date 20060504182738 label WeeklyTape-01
slot 12: date 20060505093415 label WeeklyTape-02

Use this to load the tape in to the tape drive:

-bash-3.00$ amtape tapetwo slot 4
amtape: changed to slot 4 on /dev/nst0

Rewind the tape:

-bash-3.00$ ammt -f /dev/nst0 rewind

Use this to get the table of contents of the tape including hostname, file system, dumptype, date, and backup level:

-bash-3.00$ ammt -f /dev/nst0 rewind
-bash-3.00$ ammt -f /dev/nst0 fsf 1
-bash-3.00$ amdd if=/dev/nst0 bs=32k count=1
AMANDA: FILE 20060504100557 ppragin /home  lev 0 comp .gz program /bin/tar
To restore, position tape at start of file and run:
       dd if=<tape> bs=32k skip=1 |    /bin/gzip -dc |  /bin/tar -f - ...