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Manipulating Tapes and Getting Info about Tapes using (amtape)

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Using amtape command to manipulate and get information about tapes:
1. amtape DailySet1 show #this command will scan all the slots in a tape library and display all the slot numbers and the label names

-bash-3.00$ amtape disk show
amtape: scanning all 25 slots in tape-changer rack:
slot 4: date 20060504121020 label disk-4
slot 5: date X        label disk-5
slot 6: date X        label disk-6
slot 7: date X        label disk-7
slot 8: date X        label disk-8
slot 9: date X        label disk-9
slot 10: date X        label disk-10
slot 11: date X        label disk-11
slot 12: date X        label disk-12
slot 13: date X        label disk-13
slot 14: date X        label disk-14
slot 15: date X        label disk-15
slot 16: date X        label disk-16
slot 17: date X        label disk-17
slot 18: date X        label disk-18
slot 19: date X        label disk-19
slot 20: date X        label disk-20
slot 21: date X        label disk-21
slot 22: date X        label disk-22
slot 23: date X        label disk-23
slot 24: date X        label disk-24
slot 25: date 20060503123041 label disk-25
slot 1: date 20060503163324 label disk-1
slot 2: date 20060503165145 label disk-2
slot 3: date 20060504120909 label disk-3

2. amtape DailySet1 reset #The current slot is set to the first slot

-bash-3.00$ amtape disk reset
amtape: changer is reset, slot 1 is loaded.

3. amtape DailySet1 current #Display the current slot

-bash-3.00$ amtape disk current
amtape: scanning current slot in tape-changer rack:
slot 1: date 20060503163324 label disk-1

4. amtape DailySet1 device #Display the name of the current tape device

-bash-3.00$ amtape disk device