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Other Icons



  • There are four sets of links/icons that help a user to navigate the ZMC pages and are present on most pages of the 'ZMC'.
    • These sets are
  • (i) About / User Guide links
  • (ii) Admin /Log out links and Change Backup Set Drop down box.
  • (iii) Shopping Cart etc icons.
  • (iv) Alert Box / Event Log page icons.

About /User Guide links

  • These two links are present on every page of ZMC in the left hand corner.

Fig 1 About  User Guide links

  • The About link leads users to a short description of ZMC, its version details and its licensing terms.
  • The User Guide link leads to this manual.

Links/ Drop Down box in Top Right Hand Corner

  • These three items are present on all pages after a Backup Set has been selected.

Fig 2 Top RHC Icons

    • If no Backup Set has been selected, 'Change Backup Set' drop down box is not visible.
  • The 'admin' link is hyper linked to the Admin page of the software.
    • The Admin page provides a convenient way to Add/Edit Users/ Backup sets.
  • The Change Backup Set is a drop down box that lists all the Backup sets that a user has named and which a user can select.
    • The drop down box shows all Backup Sets that have valid names.
    • It does not differentiate between sets started, completed the configuration, and activated.
  • The 'Log Out' icon provides the way to log out of ZMC.

Alert Box/ Event Log Icons

  • All functional pages have three Alert Box icons on the middle right hand side of the Alert Bar.

Fig 3 Icons on Functional Pages

  • The question mark icon ThreeIconsA.jpg just ahead of the Alert Box and Event Box icons is hyper linked to the Table of Content of User Guide page.
  • The second icon image:ThreeIconsB.jpg opens a small window (Alert Box) on the page itself, which displays Alerts as below:

Fig4  Alert Box opened

    • Note that the icon has now changed its shape image:ThreeIconsE.jpg--clicking on this icon closes the Alert Box.
  • The third icon image:ThreeIconsD.jpg opens a new page (Event Logs page) where Event logs can be seen in full.

Fig5  Event Log Page

Shopping Cart and Other Icons

  • These five icons are present on all pages of ZMC in the middle right hand side.

Fig 4 Five Icons

  • Shopping Cart Icon, the first icon from the left, allows users to purchase Amanda enterprise subscriptions.
  • Writing Book Icon, the second icon from left, allows users to look up information on Zmanda community wiki.
  • Bulletin Board Icon, the icon in the middle, hyper links to Zmanda forums.
  • Bulb icon with Z, the fourth icon, takes users to the Zmanda network login page.
  • Home Icon leads users to the home page of Zmanda Inc.