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Amanda Enterprise 3.0.1 Patch Release notes

Amanda Enterprise 3.0.1 patch release provides critical bug fixes for issues reported by Amanda Enterprise customers and also support migration for 2.6.4 configuration files.  Upgrade to this release from Amanda Enterprise 3.0 is mandatory.  This patch contains fixes only to Amanda server.

It is important to read Amanda 3.0 release notes and Amanda 3.0 documentation because this release is a patch to Amanda Enterprise 3.0.

Compatibility with previous versions of Amanda Enterprise  

  • Amanda Enterprise 3.0.1 is a patch to Amanda Enterprise 3.0 release. It is compatible with Amanda 3.0 backup sets (no configuration file migration required)
  • Amanda Enterprise 3.0.1 requires migration of configuration files from Amanda Enterprise 2.6.4p2.  To migrate configuration files, click on the Migrate button in the Admin|Backup Sets page in Zmanda Management Console.
  • Amanda Enterprise 3.0.1 can report on and restore from backup images created using older versions of Amanda Enterprise (2.5.x and later)

Patch installation procedure

Note: Zmanda Management Console should not be in use during this process. Amanda backup or restoration should not be in progress.

  1. Amanda Enterprise 3.0 server installer and Amanda Enterprise 3.0.1 patch must be downloaded from the Zmanda Network Downloads page.  Please select Patches for Backup Server for 3.0.1 release and then download the version that is compatible with your backup server operating system/distribution.
  2. Amanda Enterprise 3.0 should have been successfully installed on the Amanda server.
  3. The patch is a tar ball that contains binary package and installation script. Extract the tar ball in a temporary directory on the Amanda server.
  4. If ZRM is installed on the server, Stop ZRM services before running the installation script.
  5. Run the installation script from the temporary directory on the Amanda server.
  6. Restart ZRM services if they have been stopped.
  7. Flush browser cache on all systems used to access Amanda ZMC and ZRM ZMC. Do not resume ZMC sessions.

List of major changes

  • Labeling tapes using Zmanda Management Console hangs with message - Please wait until after the "Scan All Slots" operation completes . This issue has been fixed.
  • Permissions check on the Disk backup and Staging area can be relaxed using Admin|Preferences "Show Security Warnings" setting in the Zmanda Management Console.
  • Client licensing issues have been fixed.
  • Migration of configuration files from Amanda Enterprise 2.6.4p2 is supported.
  • Issues with regeneration of configuration files that have been manually edited has been fixed.
  • ZMC Report|Summary page fails with MySQL internal error when old backup images are flushed to the media. This issue has been fixed.
  • Amazon S3 Device secret key can be modified from Zmanda Management Console.
  • On OpenSolaris, ZMC services are successfully restarted when the Amanda server is rebooted.

Known Issues

  • There may be issues with configuration files migrated to Amanda Enterprise 3.0 format using Amanda 3.0 release (without 3.0.1 patch release). Please contact Zmanda Support if you encounter these issues.
  • The Plan mode in Zmanda Management Console Backup|What page is not available in this release. Please use Live mode to add objects to the backup set.