Custom Reports

The various Report sub-tabs display backup run data from many perspectives. The Report Custom tab lets you create custom reports for a backup set and save them.

Report Custom Page Overview


The Custom Report page display the results of backup set runs. In addition to the standard reports, you can configure and save your own custom report configurations. The results can be saved as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file for use in other applications and to generate graphical reports.

Select Custom Reports Panel

There are three standard reports; these cannot be edited or deleted.

  • Client Backup Status
  • Client Performance
  • Media Performance

Note also that you can mix Client and Media report options in the same report. Choose the appropriate tab from the Customize Report pane to select which type of report you would like to create.

To create your own report, check the desired parameters from the custom reports panel, enter a name in the Report Name field and click Save Report. The saved user-defined reports will then appear in the drop down box.

Custom reports can be overwritten. A confirmation message box will be displayed when a report is being overwritten.

Report Custom Page Results

The Report Results displays the results of the report defined in the left panel in a table. Data can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers. You can save the report as a CSV file by clicking the Save as CSV button in the lower right. You can then use the CSV file in any application (spreadsheet, wordprocessor, etc.) to generate print and PDF output.

If there are no statistics available for a given parameter because of a backup failure, "na" (not applicable) is displayed in the first column of the row. These "blank" lines are not included in CSV file output.

Displaying Long Field Names in Reports

The widths for various columns in reports are defined in the amanda.conf file. If the data for a field exceeds the maximum width defined in amanda.conf, the display is truncated. You can change the maximum width. For example, to display longer hostnames, edit the amanda.conf file to define a wider column width for hostnames. If you edit amanda.conf to include the following entry:

columnspec "HostName=0:15"

See the description of the columnspec parameter in the amanda.conf man page for further information.

The Summary Report page will display hostnames of up to 15 characters.