Run Restore Process


The Run Restore page is the last step in the recovery process.

Run Restore Page - Main Functionalities

Run Restore Overview

  • The Run Restore page review the restore options you have specified, start the actual restore process, and monitor its progress.

Run Restore Page – Procedure

Run Restore

Restore From / To Settings panel 
Displays the What and Where options set previously. You cannot change these options here; if anything needs to be changed, go back to the Restore What and Restore Where pages.
Page Turner control 
To accomodate long lists of items select for restoration, bottom of the page includes page turner control:

Page Turner

Output panel 
Displays any messages generated by restores, both ongoing and previous. Click Clear output to clear the message box.
Restore Button 
Starts the restore operation. Depending on ssh setup and availability of the required backup media, you may be prompted for a password and asked to load tapes.
After responding to any prompts, the restore process starts. Examine the message output to ensure success.