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Zmanda Backup Appliance

Zmanda Backup Server Appliance is a Vmware Virtual Machine with Amanda Enterprise 3.0.2 server (includes backup client) images and additional patches. It includes both Amanda server and client packages. All Amanda pre-requisites to perform backups to disk are installed. 

Server backup appliances for SLES 11 and CentOS 5 are available.

64bit Vmware tools, 64bit operating system and hardware are required to run the backup server appliance.

Appliance Images

There are two Vmware images for each distribution is available for download:

VMX format  This image works on VMware Workstation 5.x,  VMware Workstation 6.x, VmWare Server 1.x, VMWare server 2.x, ESX Server 3.x, VmWare Player 1.x, and VMware Player 2.x

OVF/OVA format This image works on VMware ESX 4 and ESX 4i


Disk space requirements: The appliance performs backups to disk. It expects about 130GB for disk space in the Vmware data store to perform backups. The minimum space requirement for vmx format (thinly provisioned) is 1-2GB and for ovf/ova format is 130GB.

How to use these Images

  • Download the images from Zmanda Network to the server (if you are using Vmware player or Vmware Server) or to the machine where Vmware vSphere or vCenter console is running (if you are using ESX / ESXi).
  • Uncompress the appliance image (if needed).
  • Importing Backup appliance image into Vmware 
    • VMware player: Select the .vmx file as the virtual machine configuration file in the pop-up dialog. If you are starting for the first time, you will prompted for unique identifier. Generate a new identifier. The virtual machine will boot up.
    • VMware Server : Start VMware server. Select Local Host as the server to connect to.  Use File -> Open menu item, browse the correct directory and select the .vmx  file.  Click on Start this virtual machine to boot the virtual machine. 
    • Vmware ESX / ESXi 3.x: On the vSphere /  vCenter console, Select Inventory. Select the server you want to install the Zmanda Backup Appliance, from the tree panel on the right side.  Click the configuration tab in the upper right corner. Click on Storage in the configuration section selection screen. Select the Datastore on which you want the ZBA to reside on.  Right click on the Data Store and click browse. Click on the upload icon and select upload folder.  Select the folder that contains the.vmx and .vmdk files that were downloaded from Zmanda Network. Right click on the .vmx file and select Add to Inventory.
    • Vmware ESX / ESXi 4.x : To import .ova or .ovf file, use File-> Deploy OVF Template. Click on Start this virtual machine to boot the virtual machine. 

Backup Server Configuration

  • When the virtual machine has booted up, you would see an informational welcome message about the configured Amanda Server.
  • The root password for the virtual machine is zmanda  Please change the password before deploying it in production.
  • The host name of the virtual machine is zmanda-aee-3  and it will obtain an IP address using dhcp.
  • Access https://<ip address of this virtual machine>:443/ from Firefox or Internet Explorer to connect to the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) running on the virtual machine.
  • There is a Demonstration backup set configured to backup /home directory to disk virtual tapes (/var/lib/amanda/vtapes). The backups will run daily and has retention policy of 7 days. The data disk of 120 GB is mounted at /var/lib/amanda directory.
  • Please download and install the Amanda Enterprise license file from Zmanda Network (Click Downloads tab after logging into Zmanda Network). The license file has to be installed on the Virtual machine for the Zmanda Management Console to work.
  • The Virtual machine is ready for backup set configuration and running backups using ZMC. Please see Zmanda Management Console Users Manual for more information.