The Amanda 3.1.x Migration Tool converts backup sets created by AEE 3.0.x GUI for use by Amanda Enterprise 3.1.5 AEE 3.0.x backup sets must be migrated to AEE 3.1.5, before they can be used by AEE 3.1.5.

The migration tool transforms AEE 3.0.x backup set configuration files into AEE 3.1.5 configuration files. Special configurations, including configuration files edited manually, may require Zmanda Customer Support to complete the migration process.

Upgrading 2.6

To upgrade AEE 2.6.4 backup sets, install AEE 3.0.2 first. After upgrading to AEE 3.0.2, then install AEE 3.1.5

Upgrading 3.0

Please read this entire page, including Notes, before starting.

To upgrade your existing installation of AEE 3.0, consider creating a manual backup of /etc/amanda and /etc/zmanda, before starting the upgrade process:

tar cvjf /var/log/aee.3.0.etc.tar.bz2 /etc/amanda /etc/zmanda

Make sure any needed filesystems are mounted, healthy, have sufficient free space (at least 1 GB), and are not mounted "read-only". Next, read Amanda Enterprise 3.1 documentation, and follow the directions provided for downloading and installing AEE 3.1.  Specifically, read and follow the instructions in Amanda Enterprise Edition 3.1.5 Release Notes for preserving your existing backup sets.

The migration tool is part of Amanda Enterprise 3.1.5 release.

Using the AEE 3.0 to 3.1 Migration Tool

  1. Login to AEE/ZMC 3.1 as the "admin" user.
  2. Go to the ZMC Admin|backup sets page.
  3. Select exactly one backup set having status "Unsupported Version" using the checkbox in the leftmost column of the table.
  4. Click the "Migrate" button in the lower right corner of the page.
  5. Carefully read all messages shown in the message box area near the top of the page to see the result of the migration and current status of the migrated backup set.
  6. If there are no issues or problems shown described in the messages (step 5), then reactivate the backup set using the Backup|Activate page, if desired.
  7. Backups of the changed files are automatically placed in the directory "/etc/amanda/<backup set name>/3.0/".


Deleting a backup set using the "Delete" button on the ZMC Admin|backup sets page will delete the backup set and the any 3.0 backup files for the backup set.

Backup sets with the status "Unsupported Version" can not be edited or duplicated, but they can be deleted. The "Delete" button on the ZMC Admin|backup sets page can delete backup sets that have not been migrated, if migration is not desired and the backup set is not wanted.

If any of the configuration files in "/etc/amanda/<backup set name>" are manually edited, click the "Refresh" button on the ZMC Admin|backup sets page, and read the messages shown in the message box area near the top of the page to see the current status of the migrated backup set.  ZMC automatically synchronizes with manual changes and updates the backup set status column on the ZMC Admin|backup sets page.

Rarely, an AEE 3.0 backup set might contain unusual settings that prevent the Migration Tool from completing successfully.  Please make sure you have the most recent version of the Migration Tool.  If a newer version of the tool is available, then install the newer version of the Migration Tool, and manually delete /etc/amanda/<backup set name>/zmc_status.  Now, migration can be repeated using the "Migrate" button on the ZMC Admin|backup sets page.