Amanda Community and Amanda Enterprise Editions: Open Source Backup for Everyone

The Amanda open source backup server protects more data than any other open source backup solution. It allows backup administration through a single backup server that can back up one or more client systems. Amanda Enterprise combines the benefits of open source backup with enterprise-level support, a graphical user interface for the server, and enhanced backup client software such as the ability to perform hot backups on Windows server applications (separate licensing required).


The advantages of Amanda/Amanda Enterprise include:

  • Backs up clients of all the relevant server and desktop OSs: Linux/Unix, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OSX.
  • Uses non-proprietary native archive utilities (such as dump, tar, and zip).
  • Backs up to any device accessible to the Amanda backup server (including Amazon S3). Use of virtual tapes allows backup to disk media.
  • Parallel operation and intelligent scheduling ensure scalability both in number of systems backed up and in size of backup sets.
  • Separately-licensed application modules allow intelligent backup of selected application servers such as Oracle and MS Exchange (Enterprise only).

Amanda Community Edition Documentation