Report Media

ZMC Media Reports

The Report Media tab provides a media-based view of completed backup runs on a particular date for a particular backup set.

Note that multiple backup objects/DLEs can be backed up to a single media volume. To backup up different backup objects to separate pieces of media, assign the backup objects to separate backup sets. If the objects are small in size, a number of them could fit on a single piece of media.



The Report Media page presents a "backup media-centric" view of a past backup run of a backup set. It is especially useful for examining media utilization over time.

The percentage utilization reported for each volume is based on the actual data stored / estimated length provided in the Backup Where page. The length provided (denominator) is accurate for disk backups. In the case of tape
backups, data is written till EOT (end of tape), thus utilization can exceed 100%. In the case of S3 backups, this value not useful.

The Media Chart panel has the a Calender Turner Pressing either of the two inner single arrows allows the users to change reports one day at a time. When either of the outer two arrows signs are pressed, the Calender changes by a week (seven days) at a time.

The Chart also has three controls as shown below:  Various dates are spread across the top. Each date carries with it the same legend that is shown in the Summary report. A drop down box below it allows users to choose different Backup runs on the same day, if they exist. On changing the selection from the drop down box changes the Legend and Text summary details displayed below the date. Finally, below the Legend is a short Text summary. The number after the Backup Set name (like -004 or -001) is that of the backup run (of multiple runs, if any) on that day on the same backup set.

Date and Legend Panel

By default the Report Media page opens to the current month.

Calandar/Date Controls

These work exactly the same as for the Summary Reports page.


Legend Sub Panel

The Legend differentiates between two media i.e. Tape and Disk.  It also differentiates between Full and partial utilization of the media.