Admin Preferences

ZMC Preferences

This page allows users to manage ZMC preferences and as well as execute Amanda and some system commands on the Amanda server.

Set Global System Defaults


The above panel shows the list of ZMC preferences that are available. These preferences are common to all ZMC users. Please contact Zmanda Support Team before making changes to these parameters. Some interesting preferences are

Maximum Login Timeout Allowed

The timeout after which an idle ZMC session times out. The user will have to log in again. You can resume the ZMC session by selecting the checkbox.

License Expiration Warning

The Admin Licenses page provides warnings about expiring licenses. Many features in Amanda Enterprise are licensed. When the license expires, the backups will not be performed. It is important to take notice of warning and contact Zmanda Support about license renewal.

Usually, the Zmanda Support team will also contact you about the license renewal.

Critical Space Threshold

Warning Space Threshold

Space Check Frequency

It is important to have sufficient space available in certain directories such as /tmp/opt for ZMC to function properly. These three preferences control the messages regarding the lack of disk space.

User Preferences

These are preferences specific to the ZMC user.


User Login Timeout specifies the time after which the idle user session will be timed out. Users will have to log in again.