Monitor Backups

Monitoring Backup Runs

Once backup sets have been configured and activated, the only operator intervention remaining is to manually load media as required. The Monitor page lets you track the progress of backup sets and fix any problems should they arise.

Monitor (1).PNG


If no backup is running for the currently selected backup set, the Monitor Backups page will be empty.

The Monitor page is not updated automatically. To see updated details, please click the Refresh button. 

Use Filter (checkboxes) to select specific backup runs to look at.

Use Toggle Details button to get information about a backup phase, as shown below.


The Monitor Chart as shown above displays the progress of backups that have already completed as well as those that are in progress. The chart is labeled with the time at which the selected backup set run was started.  Each Disk List Entry is displayed as a separate row. Each row displays the following information:

The client Hostname as entered in the Disk List.

The starting Directory from which the backup begins.

ZMC schedules its backup levels and automatically selects them.
  • Level 0, Full Backup, is indicated by a solid green bar as in the second row above.
  • Level 1 and above, incremental backup, is indicated by a partially-filled-in green bar.
Clearing Staging Area 
Clearing the staging area flushes the data from the disk staging area to the secondary media. ZMC first checks that the data ofthe last backup run has been flushed or not. If that has been done, a solid green bar will appear under this section. If flushing is in progress, a striped green bar will appear under this section. 

Checking Backup Plan
ZMC requests each client to furnish an estimate of the size of the backup. This process takes some time. While in progress, a green striped bars are displayed. When it is complete, a solid green bar is displayed.

Transferring Backup to Server
When Backup image is to be written to a staging area, the Timeline will show striped or solid green bars depending upon the status.

Writing to Backup Media 
Whether the Data has been written to the Backup Media with success or not.
If the activity has not yet been started, the position is blank. While it is being written, there is a flashing striped green bar. If it has been written, there will be a solid green bar against the DLE.

Report Timeline Monitoring

To see reports on previously-completed backup runs, go to the Report Timeline  page.


Backup Status Summary

A summary of the Backup Status is displayed in the left panel.

Total Backups 
The Total Number of Disk List Entries(DLEs) that are scheduled to be backed up.
Backups Completed 
Number of DLEs whose backups has been completed.
Backups in Progress 
The number of backups that are in progress. The Hide/ Show link lets you toggle the Time Line Monitor display in the Right-Hand panel.



The Legend Box displays the three legends that are used in the Time Line section of the Monitor chart and show what the various colors and patterns used in the timeline mean.