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Amanda Enterprise 4.1 Release Notes

Table of contents
  1. 1. What’s New?
      1. 1.1.1. Storage: 
      2. 1.1.2. Schedule Plan: 
      3. 1.1.3. Data Integrity: 
      4. 1.1.4. Backup Set Page: 
      5. 1.1.5. Restore - Explore & Select: 
      6. 1.1.6. Restore - Search Specific Files: 
      7. 1.1.7. Monitor Page: 
      8. 1.1.8. VMWare File Level Recovery: 
      9. 1.1.9. Backup Media: 
      10. 1.1.10. Tape Storage: 
      11. 1.1.11. Vault: 
      12. 1.1.12. Backupset Staging: 
      13. 1.1.13. Containerizing ZMC: 
      14. 1.1.14. Error/Toast Messages: 
      15. 1.1.15. License: 
      16. 1.1.16. ZMC Password: 
  2. 2. Fixed Issues:
      1. 2.1.1. File and Directory conflicts: 
      2. 2.1.2. Backup Now page: 
      3. 2.1.3. Vault: 
      4. 2.1.4. Backupset Deletion: 
      5. 2.1.5. Sources: 
      6. 2.1.6. License Expiry: 
      7. 2.1.7. Custom Reports: 
      8. 2.1.8. Sources Status: 
      9. 2.1.9. Restore Error Messages: 
      10. 2.1.10. NDMP Restore: 
      11. 2.1.11. Backup: 
      12. 2.1.12. Backup Report: 
      13. 2.1.13. Restore where: 
      14. 2.1.14. Backup Report page: 
      15. 2.1.15. Source Page: 
      16. 2.1.16. CIFS Restore: 
      17. 2.1.17. Backup What: 
      18. 2.1.18. Vault: 
      19. 2.1.19. Backup: 
      20. 2.1.20. Backup Where and Storage device creation: 
      21. 2.1.21. Vault: 
      22. 2.1.22. Storage: 
      23. 2.1.23. Custom Reports: 
      24. 2.1.24. Restore Now: 
      25. 2.1.25. VMware Restore: 
      26. 2.1.26. Backup: 
      27. 2.1.27. Tape Backup: 
      28. 2.1.28. Backup Where and Storage device creation: 
      29. 2.1.29. Custom Reports: 
      30. 2.1.30. Backup When: 
      31. 2.1.31. Vault: 
      32. 2.1.32. Sources: 
      33. 2.1.33. Sources: 
      34. 2.1.34. Monitor: 
      35. 2.1.35. Vault: 
      36. 2.1.36. Backup Media: 
      37. 2.1.37. Schedule: 
      38. 2.1.38. Backup: 
      39. 2.1.39. Backup Where and Storage device creation: 
      40. 2.1.40. Sources: 
      41. 2.1.41. Backup When: 
      42. 2.1.42. Backup Where: 
      43. 2.1.43. Backup Where: 
      44. 2.1.44. Vault: 
  3. 3. Known Issues:
      1. 3.1.1. Solaris Client: 
      2. 3.1.2. SUSE 12 Client: 
      3. 3.1.3. Upgrade: 
      4. 3.1.4. Restore Windows Client: 
      5. 3.1.5. Backup Media(Tape): 
      6. 3.1.6. License: 
      7. 3.1.7. Upgrade 4.0.1 to 4.1: 
      8. 3.1.8. Backup: 
      9. 3.1.9. Restore: 
      10. 3.1.10. Vault: 
      11. 3.1.11. Restore: 
      12. 3.1.12. Backup Media: 
      13. 3.1.13. Backup: 

We are happy to introduce Zmanda 4.1 – the most secure backup solution in the market, capable of managing clustered environments for multiple locations. Zmanda Backup provides flexible storage options: NAS, SAN, tapes, disks, cloud: such as AWS, Azure, Wasabi and  Google.  It is a one-stop solution to help IT teams create flexible yet scalable backup policies for their IT environments.

What’s New?


User can now Backup/Restore data to/from Azure Cloud.

Restore Report

User experience has been enhanced to retrieve live logs during Restore.

Schedule Plan: 

Changes made to schedule plan are now updated at the backend of they systems as well which was updated only on UI in previous 4.X versions.

Data Integrity: 

User can now check the Integrity of the backup data on Data Integrity Page.

Backup Set Page: 

User can now clone the Backupset and update the storage type and schedule plan for cloned backupset.

Restore - Explore & Select

User can now select files/folders with explore and select option as restore preference on Restore What page.

Restore - Search Specific Files

User can now search and select any files/folders based on the keyword entered by the user on Restore What page.

Monitor Page: 

User can now see the real time progress for Backup/Restore/Vault on Monitor page.

VMWare File Level Recovery: 

User can now search and restore specific files with VMware file level recovery option.

Backup Media

User can now manage the storage media on Backup Media page.

Tape Storage

User can now track the persistent changers, tape drivers and Data transfer elements associated with Tape drivers to eliminate Barcode mismatch.


User can now Vault the backup data from any of the storage types to AWS cloud.

Backupset Staging: 

UI has been enhanced on backup staging page to show the live staging contents.

Containerizing ZMC: 

User can use the ZMC containerization option and isolate/manage ZMC server from other applications.

Error/Toast Messages

Returning the user friendly error/toast messages to increase the overall user experience.


User experience has been enhanced on License consumption page.

ZMC Password: 

Dynamic password gets generated for every new installation of ZMC which can be easily managed by User to increase the security.

Fixed Issues:

File and Directory conflicts: 

Using the appropriate word differentiates file conflicts from directory ones.

Backup Now page

Warning message has been added when the backup is in progress.


Vault enteries have been updated for all type of Vault selected in Backup Run Range.

Backupset Deletion: 

Purge option has been updated for multiple backupset deletion.


DLE status has been updated to activated by default.

License Expiry

License expiry message will be shown to users on all the pages.

Custom Reports

UX has been increased during Download of csv files on Custom reports page.

Sources Status: 

UX has been enhanced during DLE check host details.

Restore Error Messages

Returning the user friendly error messages to increase the overall user experience.

NDMP Restore

Restoration is not indicated to be successful when the authentication type is changed at Restore where.


Location restrictions has been handled for S3 compatible clouds.

Backup Report: 

User experience has been now enhanced to view detailed reports on Reports page.

Restore where: 

Destination hostname rendering issue has been improvised.

Backup Report page

User experience has been improvised on Backup report page.

Source Page

Returning the user friendly error messages to increase the overall user experience.

CIFS Restore

CIFS Restore issue has been fixed.

Backup What: 

Source status on backup what page will be displayed according to the respective backupset.


Vault schedules are preserved even when the Tape parameters have been updated


Writing only till stage area is working fine for the Tape backup.

Backup Where and Storage device creation: 

MTX CLI output has been added on the UI.


Filter issue has been fixed for Backupset name on Vault UI.


Source status is displayed correctly now for Windows system state and SharePoint.

Custom Reports

Custom reports can be fetched even if there are aborted backups for DLEs.

Restore Now: 

Restore files/directories and Exclude files/directories/patterns are displayed on Restore Now page.

VMware Restore

Target hostname has been updated on Monitor and Reports page for VMware.


Force incremental backup is working fine for VMware and CIFS.

Tape Backup: 

Issue with multiple DLE backup to device is fixed.

Backup Where and Storage device creation: 

Lsscsi CLI output has been added on the UI.

Custom Reports: 

Custom reports can be fetched by using any of the four options in the Select Preset template of the Preset template for all source types.

Backup When

Tapes Used This Cycle and Total Tapes Used are getting updated on Tape Statistics on Backup When page as per the backup runs.


Issue with displaying tape related fields while creating vault jobs is fixed.


ESX thumbprint is getting updated while creating VMware source using VCenter credentials.


Valid error message has been added for invalid credentials while creating VMware source.

User friendly warning message is displayed when there is lack of space on backup server.


Issue with completed Backups' status has been fixed.


Issue of vault from tape device is fixed.

Backup Media: 

Auto prune functionality is working.


Schedule plans bound to any backupset cannnot be deleted.

Installation of ZMC binaries are working well on Ubuntu 20.04.x versions.


Backup of VMware source is working when single DLE is selected in Backup What page.

Backup Where and Storage device creation

MTX CLI output has been added on the UI.


Valid error message has been added for invalid credentials while creating VMware source.

CPU consumption has been decreased while dumping a backup to cloud storages.

Backup When

Retention period gets updated as per the user input.

Backup Where

UX has been increased while updating slot range on a backupset linked to Tape Storage.

Backup Where: 

Option to verify Tape drivers after updating the drive details is implemented.


Multiple vault jobs on to the same strage device issue is fixed.

Known Issues:

Solaris Client

Failed backup when encrypted at Client (ZMFO-1487).

SUSE 12 Client

The installation of Client binaries is getting failed.

[SUPPORT] Multi Byte characters are not supported by UI.


Old .am_phassphrase is not retained after upgrade.

Workaround: User needs to save .am_passphrase file before uninstalling the server.

Restore Windows Client: 

Restoration of AES encrypted backup fails to start on Restore Now page throwing integrity error.

Backup Media(Tape): 

Manage media table is not getting displayed for flushed backups.


Multiple license are being consumed by same hostname.

Upgrade 4.0.1 to 4.1

Check host of VMware source fails after the upgrade.Doesn't identify ESX/Vcenter type for upgraded VMware sources.


Backup to Open stack cloud is getting failed.


The restore with option 'Overwrite existing files/directories' in Directory or File Conflicts is throwing an NGINX error on UI and it does not allow user to login into the system.


The vault is not working after the restore and not able to trigger the backup for the same backupset.


Restore to Cloud Storage is getting failed for SharePoint, MS Exchange, MSSQL and Oracle on Windows.

Backup Media: 

amtape command is not giving any response if there is some issue with the tape storage.


[SUPPORT] The customer is facing backup failure issue with files larger than 5TB from nfs backups to AWS | ZMAN-1198.