Backup What

ZMC Backup What page 

TheBackup Whatpage specifies what is to be backed up: what clients, and what directories (or applications) on each client. ZMC can back up the whole network or a portion thereof, all from one central server.  

To organize the backup in an efficient manner, ZMC divides the Enterprise into backup sets, and sub-divides each backup set into Host/Directory pairs called Disk List Entries (Sources). The Sources can also specify directories and files to be excluded from the backup. Encryption and compression options can also be applied at the Source level.  


Warning:You should not change backup set parameters while a backup run for that set is in progress. You can check the status of backup runs for a backup set by going to theMonitorpage.

Selecting What To Back Up

The Sources page lets you create and editbackup objects, which define the file system, database(s), or applications you intend to back up.Note that you have to select a source to take a backup of particular source. All sources backup will happen if nothing is selected. 



Indicates the type of the source comes under File systems (Linux, MAC, Windows Template, Windows System State, Windows Template, NDMP, CIFS, NFS), Databases(MS SQL Server, Oracle Linux, Oracle Windows, PostgresSQL), Applications(MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint) and Hypervisor(MS Hyper-V, VMware)  


IP/hostname of the source  

Client OS  

The Operating System Version of the Source.   


Version of the ZMC/ZWC client  


Type of the encryption(server, client, AES 256) and compression(Client Fast, Client Best, Server Fast, Server Best, Client Custom, Server Custom) enabled on the respective source   


 Status of the source created on the source page. It can be either SUCCESS or FAILED. Sometimes it will display partial if the source status is a success on one backup set and failed on the other.