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  1. 1. Amanda Enterprise Licenses

Amanda Enterprise Licenses

TheLicenses pageunder Settings on ZMC provides a view for the list of Amanda feature licenses.The Amanda licenses are counted based on the number of hosts protected. Amanda server is also a client and uses up a license. 


Licensed Features Summary  

The licensed features summary shows the number of licenses available for each feature (Licensed), number of licenses that have been used (Used), number of license remaining(Remaining) and when the featured license expires (Expires on).  




When the featured licenses is about to expire in less than 30 days, a notification will be triggered on the license page as shown below. User can contact zmanda sales team to renew the license.  





When feature licenses are used up, it is not possible to add any more DLEs of that type. If Amanda server license (Unix file system) expires, all backups will not be performed. So, it is important to renew licenses before the expiration date.  

Zmanda team will contact you via email before the license expiration date.  


Additional Information  

Additional information shows how the licenses are used by Various FeaturesVarious Hosts and Backup Sets configured on the Amanda server.  










Steps to download the license from network zmanda and upload on to ZMC 4.1:  

STEP 1: License can be downloaded from Download License section on Zmanda network.  




STEP 2: Download the license by entering MAC address and server name for identifying the system where ZMC binary is installed. Once the details are entered, click on submit and license gets downloaded successfully.  If there is any change in MAC and server name then Customer can contact (sales / support team).    





STEP 3Upload the license in ZMC (Zmanda Management Console) by signing in into ZMC 4.1




STEP 4: Click on Settings ------> Licenses from navigation bar  




STEP 5: Click on Upload License to upload the downloaded license file.  



Choose the appropriate license file having file name zmanda_license  



STEP 6In case of wrongly uploaded file, one can delete the file before upload or choose the file again  




STEP 7: On successful upload of license file, license file details is shown as table