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Zmanda Release Notes

Zmanda Release Notes 4.1.3


What is 4.1.3?          

  • Zmanda 4.1.3 is the latest release available with new features and enhancements.        
  • Customers currently on 3.6 or can be directly upgraded to 4.1.3 by following instructions.   

For upgrade instructions, please refer to Upgrade - Zmanda Documentation

New Features and Enhancements:


·        LDAP Integration (new feature):   

o    Zmanda can now use your corporate user directories and their MFA capabilites to log into Zmanda and simplify user management.

·        API Documentation (new feature):   

o    Zmanda API documentation now available in OpenAPI v2 format at 

·        UI Notifications (enhancement):  

o    UI Notifications overhaul to allow up to 3 notifications to be shown at once and cross page/module.  

·        Explore and Select (enhancement):   

o    Explore and Select re-architectured to now support browsing and restoring files on sources with millions of files. 

·        Zmanda Logs (enhancement):   

o    Change the level of verbosity for logs with a simple configuration update. 

·        VMWare File Level Restore (enhancement): 

o    Validation and UI message added for Guestmount Utility in AE server to inform users of corrective actions required to enable VMWare File Level Restore. 

·        Compression Utilities (enhancement):   

o    Validation and UI message added informing user when the selected compression utility is not detected to be running on Client side. 

·        Client Binaries - Ubuntu 22.04: 

o    Ubuntu 22.04 compatible client agent released.   


Fixed Issues:


·        Backup:   

o    Media Parallel Writes: Solved issue related to Media Parallel Writes, now allowing a faster time to backup when using M2 SSD as destination Storage.  

o    Window Clients: Solved issue preventing incremental backups to be completed as expected.  

·        License:  

o    License consumption optimization.  

·        Installation:   

o    Solved installation issue where ZMC and Backup Server services hang in Activating status upon machine shutdown/restart.    

·        Monitor:  

o    Solved issue where monitor displaying incorrect progression/completion on specific scenarios.    

·        Log:  

o    Solved issue preventing log collection for environments upgraded from 3.6 to latest vesrions.  

·        Tape:  

o    Solved issue preventing a tape removed from backupset from being renamed.   



Known Issues:


·        Restore:   

o    Windows restores are failing when tried to recover to "C:/Users" path  

§  Workaround: Users can restore data to path other "C:/Users"   

·        Backup:   

o    Exclude function is not working for Windows NTFS/ReFS backups 

§  Workaround: Full backup are triggered   

·        SUSE Client:   

o    The installation of the latest SUSE Client binaries failing on SUSE 12   

§  Workaround: Install SUSE client binaries  

·        Solaries Client:   

o    Backups are failing when they are encrypted at Client Solaries 11  

§  Workaround: Install 3.6 Solaries client binaries

·        Ubuntu 22.04 Client:   

o    Bacups created using Custom compression fail to be restored   

§  Workaround: Perform backups using Client Fast/ Client Best / Server Fast / Server Best



Zmanda Release Notes 4.1.2

4.1.2 (internally referred as   


What is 4.1.2?          

  • Zmanda 4.1.2 is the latest Zmanda release with enhancements and defect fixesas described in these release notes.        
  • Release 4.1.2 can be installed directly on any new system.      
  • Customers currently on 3.6, 4.1( or 4.1.1 ( can be upgraded to 4.1.2 by following the upgrade instructions.   

For upgrade instructions, please refer to Upgrade - Zmanda Documentation.

New Features

·        License:   

o    Introduced new enterprise grade licensing for large deployments to support unlimited clients.   

o    License enhancements to validate clients.  

·        Restore:   

o    Optimized the data restore process to reduce the Time to Recover.  

·        Installation:  

o    Virtual Backup Appliance (OVA format)isavailable for Zmanda 4.1.1 releasefor simpler & faster   deployments.  

o    Released new Windows Client (4.1.2)  


Fixed Issues

·        Backup:   

o    Fixed UI defects related to Backup Media page.  

o    Fixed issue in ‘Backup What’ page, ‘Exclude Paths’ section, to support paths with spaces in the names.  

·        Restore:  

o    Fixed restore issue related to Windows System State backups.  

·        Source:   

o    Fixed ESXi issue where the application couldn’t accept ‘root’ as username for Hypervisor sources.  

o    Fixed issue related to VMWare Discovery (checkhost) failures.  

·        Tape:  

o    Fixed issue related to expired media of tape storage.  

o    Disabled auto-labeling functionality as it could cause non-expired tape backups to be re-written.  

·        Cloud:  

o    Fixed issue for Wasabi cloud backups for large system workloads.  

·        License:  

o    Fixed issue related to creating DLEs with ‘localhost’ hostname.   

·        Installation:  

o    Fixed installation issue related to services crashing due to IPV6 dependencies.     


Known Issues

·        Restore:   

o    Performance issues observed for Explore & Select with large numbers of files or directories.  

§  Workaround: Please contact technical support  

o    Issues observed when restoring data to 'C:/Users' directory in Windows Systems.   

§  Workaround: Please choose a different directory when restoring data in Windows Systems.  

·        Backup:   

o    Exclude paths functionality is not working for Windows File System backups. The backup runs successfully but not excluding the defined paths.  

§  Workaround: Please contact technical support   

o    Incremental backups for Windows systems are triggering full backups instead.  

§  Workaround: Please contact technical support  

·        SUSE Client:   

o    The installation of the latest SUSE client is failing on SUSE 12.   

§  Workaround: Install SUSE client binaries  

·        Solaris Client:   

o    Backups are failing when they are encrypted at Client in Solaris 11  

§  Workaround: Install 3.6 Solaris client binaries