Admin Login

Accessing Zmanda Management Console   

Zmanda Management Console is accessed using a web browser. Amanda Enterprise is supported on the latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox , and Google Chrome.  

Please access https://<host name of the Amanda server>:<port number>/ if you are using the default port.   


The default port is 8008. Please make sure access to this port is allowed by network configuration (such as firewalls).  

ZMC Login Page   

This is the first page of Zmanda Management Console.  

The default admin login details will be shared at the end of the ZMC binary installation in the Read Me section. User can change the password at first login or by using the reset-password utility mentioned in the readme section. This user is different from the Zmanda Network user and operating system user.  

Lost Password   

If you do not remember the password, try entering the most recent password that you remember and click on the Sign in button. If the password is incorrect, you will see the below:  

Please click on Forgot Password? link. You will see a pop up as shown below.



 Please follow the steps mentioned in the pop up.