Backup Reports

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  1. 1. Amanda Backup Reports 

Amanda Backup Reports 

Amanda automatically generates backup reports after the backup run is completed (or if it fails for some reason). This backup summary report shows statistics about the backup and summarizes any error, warning, or informational messages that were generated during the backup.  

If the Amanda server is configured to send mail, reports can be automatically e-mailed after every backup run. See ZMCBackup Howfor email notification configuration.  

The Report page is divided into two panel.  

  • A page shows a calendar control from which you can select report dates, a dropdown from which user can select the required backup set and the dropdown from which the user can select the category.  
  • A panel displays the report for date selected on the calendar and a legend that explains the report icons.  

You can select and navigate reports on each backup run using any of the following:  

  • Browse buttons and timestamp links along the top of the report itself.  
  • Backupset and Category fields can be selected from the dropdown provided along the right of the report.  
  • You can pick a date off the calendar and click on FETCH REPORT.  

All of these methods are described below.  


The Report page displays the progress and final status of previous backup runs of a given backup set. The user has to first navigate to Reports section. The report home page is as shown below:



Backup Report Panel   

The Report Summary panel on the right has the following navigational aids:  

Date Browse Buttons  

The date browse buttons allow to conveniently move back and forth one day (using<or>) or one week (using<<or>>) at a time.  

Time Stamp links  

If you select a date with multiple backup runs, timestamp links with status icons are displayed one by one. These links allow you to scroll the report display directly to that timestamp. The timestamp link within the report window shows the time at which the backup run was initiated along with a status icon.  

DropDown Buttons  

The User can fetch the Reports by selecting any of the dropdowns provided from ‘Select Backupset’ or ‘Select Category’. The category field has two options i.e., ‘Backup’(default) and ‘Vault’. The default backupset is the ‘All Backupsets’ and can even select the required backupset.  


The Report page provides the information about the dump summary, statistics, usage of tape and notes and the respective screenshots are shown below. 





The report is in format described in amreport(8) man page. The Compressed size is determined by (new size/original size * 100). Dump rate is the rate at which backups are transferred from the client to backup server. Tape rate is the rate at which backup images are written to the media.  

Date and Legend Panel  

The Summary Report page opens with the calendar set to the current month. Icons (described by the legend) identify the status of the backup (Success, Warning, Failure) as shown below.