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ZMCBackup When Page  

Unlike most other backup software, ZMC does not require users to lay down detailed rules as to when the backup should be performed. ZMC works through Amanda's backup scheduler which tries to maintain a consistent backup window across all backup runs by controlling the size of the backup image for each backup run. 


Amanda also simplifies the configuration of the backup run schedule and specification of the backup level. Instead of users pre-specifying either a Full Backup or an Incremental Backup in a particular schedule, ZMC has Full backup and 9 levels of Incremental Backup. However, ZMC does not require Administrators to specify the backup levels for each backup run. It calculates, using an internal algorithm, the levels of each Source within the backup set for every run on a dynamic basis.  


Backup Set Schedule Table




Schedules can be selected in Backup When page. Schedules can be created on the Schedule Plan page.