Cluster Structure

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Cluster structure is a newly added feature in Zmanda, which allows you to manage multiple AE servers from the single console. From cluster page, you can add, update and delete ae-servers, which have zmanda backup server installed in it.  

 User can add the server on ZMC console using the below fields  

  •  Server Name – User can add his custom name for the server and the server name should be unique. But the server name can’t be edited once he create the server.  
  •  Server Region – Server region is the place where the backup server is located.  
  • Server IP – User can add the backup server using the server IP of the AE Server. User can’t add the same server multiple times  
  • Server Port – Server port will display while installing the AE server which is used to access the AE server.  





View all Servers  

The list of ZMCservers is shown in a table. Server name, IP, server ports and status are visible in the cluster page. The clone option is available to clone the server by using the same configurations with different server name and IP. You can check the server installation information by using the ‘Server Install check’. You can also delete server if you don’t need it any more. Before deleting the server make sure that the server is not attached to any of the backup sets or storages.