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Prerequisites and Dependencies

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The following packages/dependencies are required on the ZMC and AE Servers. Some of the dependencies will be present on any Linux operating system by default and the rest of the dependencies have to be installed prior to installing the ZMC and AE server. PFB the detailed list: 


   1. Dependencies that are expected to be present on the Linux System: 

·     Basic Utilities/Libraries  

o    Bash 4.2+ 

o    Coreutils   

o    Gawk   

o    Glibc 2.17+ 

o    zlib 1.2.2+  

o    Libgcc 4.8+ 

o    Libstdc++ 4.8+  

·     System Utilities [Systemd required]  

o    Logrotate, 

o    Cronie or Cronie-anacron or Cron with /usr/bin/crontab  

o    Systemd 219+   

o    Libselinux 2.3+ (with SELinux not active)  

·     Required Other Utilities  

o    GnuPG2   

o    Libexpat 2.1+  

o    Libmount 2.19+  

o    GNUtar 1.23+ 

2. Dependencies to be installed prior to installing ZMC and AE Server:           

 Important components: 

o    Firewalld (preferred but configured w/tool)  

o    VMware Disklib 6.7+  

o    NFS mount functionality  

o    Mt-st 1.1+ (for tape operation - to be installed before the AE Server) 

# Yum install mt-st     [ for RPM systems ]
#  apt-get install mt-st  [ for DBN systems ] 

o    mtx 1.3+ 

o    samba-client-4.10+ / smbclient for DBN systems - (for CIFS disk access) (for CIFS disk access)  

#  yum install samba-client    [ for RPM systems ]
#  apt-get install smbclient    [ for DBN systems ] 

o    Mailx 12.5+ or /bin/mail (for email notifications)  

#  yum install mailx    [ for RPM systems ]
#  apt-get install mailx    [ for DBN systems ] 

o    BSDTar 3.1.2+ (as needed)  

o    Star (as needed)  

o    cups-client 1.6.3+ 

o    dump 0.4+ (restore) 

o    gnuplot 4.6.2+ 

o    star 1.5+ 

o    tar 1.26+ 

o    xfsdump 3.1.7+ 

If user need to add any of the packages/dependencies, he can use yum or apt-get commands respectively on RPM and DBN based systems. Packages can be obtained from the distribution media or from a distribution repository (run either as root):  

#yum install package_name         [ For RPM Systems ]
#apt-get install package_name     [ For DBN systems ]