User Management

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  1. 1. ZMC Users

ZMC Users


This page allows you to manage ZMC users. The ZMC users are again categorized as  

·         General User. 

            ·         LDAP User.


      General Users: 

ZMC users are different from the operating system/network users. You can create, edit and delete ZMC users. 


Each user should have a valid email address. This address is used to recover lost ZMC passwords. There are four user roles – Admin, User, Monitor and Restore. With these default user roles user can also create the own custom roles using the custom policies   


·        Admin - All backup sets can be accessed and all operations can be performed. New users, roles and policies can     be created.  

·       User - Create, Update, Delete update and view the Users, Sources, Storages, BackupSets and Restore. View    Monitor, Role and Policy. 

·        Monitor - Only View all the pages and update the password for self. The user will not be able to make any    modifications.  

·        Restore - Create, Update, delete update and view the Restore page. View rest of the pages. 

LDAP Users: 

LDAP Users can be added by selecting LDAP User from Add User Drawer. The drawer shows 2 options one for adding user and second for adding users by group. On selecting users only a single user can be added. While under Group bulk users can be selected to add belonging to selected group. 


*Searched users will not be displayed if any of the fields set on LDAP domain under ‘USERNAME IDENTIFIER’ & ‘EMAIL’ does not have any value on LDAP server. 

Ex. if for any LDAP domain ‘username identifier’ Is set as ‘uid’ & ‘email’ is set as ‘mail’ from dropdown. If for any user either ‘uid’ or ‘mail’ value is not set on LDAP, the user will not appear on search and cannot be added. 



Adding Single User – As shown below, select LDAP Domain from ‘LDAP Server’ dropdown to add user from, the dropdown list for users gets populated. Select user from the dropdown & select Role for user and click save. 


Adding Multiple Users from Group – As shown below, select LDAP Domain from ‘LDAP Server’ dropdown to search groups, the dropdown list for groups gets populated. Select group to fetch users for that group, Users for the group gets displayed on side drawer, select relevant users to be added & click save. 



View All Users   


The list of ZMC users is shown in a table. Users role and their email address are also displayed. Users with the Administrator r­­­ole can use this table to delete ZMC users.



Converting Users 

A User can be converted from general user to LDAP user & from LDAP user to general user. 


Converting user from General to LDAP User – For General User ‘User Type’ is displayed as “General”.To convert user from general user to LDAP user – 

·         click on edit user. Opens drawer with General User checked. 


·         Under User Type move switcher to LDAP User. And select the registered LDAP domains from dropdown on which user needs to be searched. User is searched on that domain with email value. Ex. for above user the search will happen for user on LDAP server with email [email protected]. If matching email is found for any user the details are auto-filled. Then click Update. 


Converting user from LDAP User to General User – For LDAP User ‘User Type’ is displayed as “LDAP/DOMAIN_NAME”. To convert user from LDAP user to general user – 

·         click on edit user.  It opens below drawer showing LDAP User as checked. 


·         Under User Type move switcher from LDAP User to General User. Enter a new password for general user to be used for login, click save. Password is required for general users. Username can be changed while switching from LDAP to general user.