Admin Licenses

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  1. 1. ZRM License status

ZRM License status

ZRM Enterprise product is a licensed product. The license file can be downloaded from Zmanda Network. The license file should be stored in the ZRM server.  This page (shown below) shows the licensed quantities, subscription time and how they are used.


The Licensed Features Summary panel shows the features that are licensed. All features and MySQL servers Hosts are licensed for the subscription period.


The number of MySQL servers (IP addresses) that can be backed up by this ZRM server that have valid subscription.


The number of MySQL server licenses used by backup sets


The number of MySQL server licenses ununsed.


The number of MySQL server licenses expiring in next 30 days


The number of MySQL server licenses that have expired


The list of licensed snapshot features

Licenses Used by Hosts table shows the list of MySQL server Hosts, their IP addresses and the backup sets that configured for the MySQL server.