Logging in to the Zmanda Management Console

The ZMC is web-based, and can be accessed from any machine on the network. Internet Explorer 9 or later or FireFox or Chrome is the recommended browser.

To access ZMC, open any web browser and point it to the ZMC server. For example. if the backup server is ZMCbackupserver.company.com, and you have specified port 1234 for web services during the installation process, use the following URL:


By default, the ZMC web server uses port 443.


If you are running Amanda Enterprise and ZRM Enterprise products on the same server, you will get a product selection page.


Initial User name and Password

After the you have downloaded and installed the ZMC, log in with the default user name "admin" using a password of "admin”.

Important note: We strongly recommend that you change the password as soon as possible.


Lost Password
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If you do not remember the password, please click Lost your password? link. Please enter the ZMC user name in the Lost Password section. Please note that password will be mailed to the mail address registered to the ZMC user account. Please note that email service should be configured on the ZRM backup server to receive the lost password email.

If you have difficulty resetting the password, please contact Zmanda Support.

Zmanda Network Authentication
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ZMC will ask Zmanda Network User name and password if you login as admin user. This authentication allows ZMC to connect to Zmanda Network to authenticate the user as well as obtain alerts including security alerts.


Zmanda Network Authentication is not supported when Web proxy server is in use. If there is a web proxy server or there is no internet connection on the Amanda server, please select Cancel button.

Zmanda Network Authentication is performed every time ZMC admin user logs in.