Monitor Backups

Table of contents
  1. 1. Monitoring Backups
    1. 1.1. Backup Status icons

Monitoring Backups

The Monitor page shows the progress of backup run. The Backup run goes through various phases. Each phase is displayed and time taken by each phase is displayed when it is completed. It is possible to abort a backup run when it is absolutely necessary. The backup will stop at the next appropriate time (most likely at the beginning of the next phase). The cancel button will appear during the backup run. The client process are not terminated and will have to be terminated manually.


The left panel shows summary and configuration of the backup run. The Monitor shows information about the most recent backup run or the backup run in progress.

The backup processes divided into multiple phases. The right panel shows the progress of each phase. The name of the phase, time taken for each phase and any important messages regarding the phase are displayed.

Backup Status icons

  • The yellow exclamation point (!) indicates warnings. They may require attention to prevent future backup failures.
  • The green checkmark symbol indicates a task that executed successfully.
  • The red octagon ("stop sign") symbol indicates backup has failed.