Monitor Events

Table of contents
  1. 1. Events
    1. 1.1. Event Viewer
    2. 1.2. Filter Events
    3. 1.3. Log Rotate Utility


ZMC provides all backup and configuration check events across backup sets in the Event Viewer as shown below.


Event Viewer

The columns of the page are:

Event identifier

Date and Time
Time stamp of the event, displayed in 24-hour format

Event Type

Configuration check and backup

Event Source
The source of the event or log is either the local ZMC console or the Zmanda network.  It also shows failure,warning, or info. All failure events need immediate attention.
Backup Set
Displays the backup set name if the event is not a Zmanda Network Alert.
Event description. Some event descriptions have links. Clicking the links will provide information from knowledgebase in the Zmanda Network or the wiki about how to resolve the problem if it is an error.

Alerts can also come from Zmanda Network, providing security and product updates. The ZMC can generate many events during a backup process and configuration process. By clicking on the header of any column, the view of the page can be altered so that it is sorted as per that column.

Filter Events


You can select the events in the viewer using Event Type and Event Source. Event Type can be Errors or Warnings. Event Source can be backup or check. You can filter based on the time stamp.

You can purge events using Expire button. Select the events to be removed using When field. Events take space in the internal database and if there are disk space constraints, it is important to expire events regularly when they are no longer needed.

Log Rotate Utility

ZMC works with a log rotate utility that allows sysadmins to effectively prune active logs.

Sysadmins should rotate the logs using crontab.

For example:
0 1 * * 1,5 logrotate /etc/logrotate.d/zmc_logrotate (For 1 AM on Monday and Friday of each week)

The pruned logs are not saved by the utility; they are simply pruned by it. You must manually copy the logs before pruning if you wish to retain them.