Upgrading ZRM Enterprise

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  1. 1. ZRM 3.9.3 Release Notes :

ZRM 3.9.3 Release Notes :

Enhancements : ZRM has been Upgraded to support TLS 1.2 and 1.3 versions. 

It is now officially released and can be downloaded from network.zmanda.com

Downloading the package: 

Login to your account and download the ZRM server installer from the Downloads section. 



Note: There is no update to the client binaries. But if you are using the 3.8 client, please upgrade to the 3.9 client package available in Downloads. 

Pre-Upgrade Checks: 

      1.   3.8 and 3.9 versions can be upgraded to 3.9.3 directly. If you are using an older version of ZRM, please reach out to Zmanda Support.  

    2.  Before upgrading to the latest version, please take a backup of “/etc/mysql-zrm” directory. All the backupset configurations are stored here and will help you restore ZRM to a previous state in case of any failure during upgrade. 

     3.  Collect the ZRM server logs using the “zm-support” script in the “/opt/zmanda/zrm/bin/” directory. The script     collects a “mysqldump” of the ZRM database and other configuration files.



    Upgrading ZRM: 

      1.       Uninstall the existing ZRM version by using command “/opt/zmanda/zrm/uninstall” as the root user.

      2.       Choose to keep the console data and log files when prompted.



      3.       Copy the new installer to the ZRM server and provide execute permission to the .run file 

# chmod +x ZRM-enterprise-3.9.3-installer-linux.run 

      4.       Run the installer file as the root user 

# ./ZRM-enterprise-3.9.3-installer-linux.run 

      5.       Choose Y at the next prompt to copy the data from the previous installation.


      6.       Accept the License agreement and continue the Installation 

      7.       Once the installation is complete, check if all the services are up and running,


      8.       Access the management console and verify if all the Monitor and Report entries are available.  

      9.       Test your backups to see if everything is working as expected. 


Please reach out to Zmanda Support if you face any issues during the upgrade. 

The complete ZRM documentation in available in the following link.