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Template:AEE Download procedures

To install the ZMC, you must first download Amanda Enterprise Edition with the Zmanda Management Console. Packages for all Zmanda products are available from the Zmanda network downloads page. The Amanda Enterprise Edition with ZMC package includes:

  • Amanda Enterprise Server
  • Zmanda Linux or Solaris Client for the server
  • The Zmanda Management Console
  • all of the dependencies for Zmanda Management Console

Upgrading backup server from Amanda enterprise earlier version

To upgrade from Amanda enterprise version 3.0, you must uninstall the old installation and run the version 3.1 installer. Uninstalling the old release while saving the configuration files is the only way to preserve the backup sets you created in the old release; Amanda Enterprise 3.1 cannot directly process backup sets created in older versions of the product. This upgrade procedure only migrates backup set configurations created with the Zmanda Management Console. If you have manually edited Amanda configuration files that need to be preserved, please contact the Zmanda Support Team for assistance.

Installing Amanda Enterprise server on the Same Server as Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL 3.4 server

ZRM and Amanda Enterprise must be installed in a specific order to work. Please perform the following procedure as superuser on the backup server. If you need to install ZRM 3.4 on top of Amanda Enterprise 3.x, please contact Zmanda Support team.

  • Install ZRM 3.4 server. Do NOT stop ZRM ZMC services at this stage.
  • Install Amanda Enterprise 3.x server and Amanda Enterprise patches. Use different port from ZRM services for web server (both http and https ports) at the time of Amanda Enterprise server installation.
  • Stop ZRM ZMC services

/etc/init.d/zmc_zrm stop

  • Stop Amanda Enterprise ZMC services

/etc/init.d/zmc_aee stop

  • Start ZRM ZMC services

/etc/init.d/zmc_zrm start

  • Start Amanda Enterprise ZMC services

/etc/init.d/zmc_aee start