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User Guide



  • The About page provides a short description of the Version Number of ZMC that is being run.

Fig1 About Page

  • In the above figure, Version 2.6 of ZMC is being run.

Additional Links

  • The About page has two additional links.
    • By clicking on the Privacy Policy link (No.2 above), users can go to the Privacy Policy page of Zmanda.
    • By clicking on the Zmanda Inc link,(No.3 above), users can reach the home page of Zmanda Inc.



  • The User Guide icon is visible on all pages of ZMC.
  • Its main functionality is to take a User to the Table of Contents page of the User Guide.

Fig 2. User Guide

User Guide

  • Users can select any page from the Table of Contents to look up its contents.
  • The User Guide pages provide two types of content.
  • They explain how to use the features on various pages of the ZMC.
  • Additionally, wherever appropriate, they talk about the implications of various parameters that a User can select from the GUI. This material is in the form of Tips, Warnings, examples etc.

Context Sensitive Hyperlink

  • From within ZMC, clicking on the question mark icon question.jpg will open a page from the Guide which directly relates to that page.