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Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL Amazon AMI

ZRM for MySQL Server Amazon Machine Image (AMI) can be used to perform backup and recovery MySQL applications running on the Amazon EC2 cloud. The AMI has ZRM for MySQL Enterprise 3.4 installed along with all dependencies.  The image also contains a pre-configured backup set that can be modified for backing up MySQL applications running in Amazon EC2 cloud. All functionality supported by ZRM 3.4 is available in the AMI installation. Some features are licensed and license will be required to use these features.

This document discuss how to use the AMI, how to perform a backup of MySQL server running on EC2 and how to do complete recovery of MySQL server. For more information on any specific feature, please read other

Accessing ZRM 3.4 AMI and tools

To launch this Amazon Machine Image (AMI), you will need an Amazon AWS account and you'll need to subscribe to Amazon EC2. You will also need some tools to launch and manage AMIs. We suggest using Amazon AWS Management Console or ElasticFox. You can also use the command line Amazon EC2 tools.

In this document, we provide examples using Amazon AWS Management Console.

Using AWS Management Console (Amazon account information is required), search for Zmanda Recovery Manager AMI. AMI can be found under Community AMIs (Click on EC2 Dashboard >> Launch Instances to see Community AMIs).

The ZRM AMI id is ami-4855ab21. Users can dir