Inappropriate Options in Input Boxes

  • Most browsers have a 'Remember' switch that is set to on by default.
  • When it is on, the browser remembers and shows all the options in a input box that the users have entered on that page.
  • The browsers do not remember the options Backup Set wise - Page wise.
  • If that is the case, the browser will show in various drop down boxes options that are not relevant to that Backup Set that you are working with.

Page Refresh Anomalies

  • When users refresh a page after a POST operation, it is very common on the Web to see a dialog asking you if you want to repeat the operation.
  • If users clicks OK ... the operation is repeated.
  • When users modify the configuration using both GUI and CLI this results in anomalous behavior.
  • When such a warning occurs, users should chose Cancel option rather than OK.

Unsupported Browsers Anomalies

  • Unsupported browsers may not display the sub task menu properly.
  • In supported browsers only one (the selected one which is being worked upon)sub task item is in bold while others are in normal font.