Errors in report generated by amreport command when backup images span multiple devices

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Taper process errors are reported in NOTES section of amreport command output or in the backup report email. These No space left on device error messages are reported when the backup images spans multiple media such as tapes. For example: Error messages in NOTES section
 taper: tape backup5 kb 124578688 fm 12 writing file: No space left on device
 taper: continuing iron:/home.0 on new tape from 115343360kb mark: [writing file: No space left on device]
 taper: tape backup4 kb 15288608 fm 2 [OK]
These error messages can be ignored if the backup run has been configured with runtapes greater than 1. In the above example, these messages mean backup image for iron:/home backup level 0 (full backup) did not fit into tape labelled backup5. Remaining backup image was backed up to the tape labelled backup4. The backup operation was successful.