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How to set different backup options in the disklist file

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disklist: /boot comp-user-tar -1 local

The usage of the five fields on the disklist file:
1. FQDN hostname ""

2. the filesystem name "/boot"

3. dumptype that is defined in /etc/amanda/template.d/dumptypes

4. Field four of the disklist file is a spindle number. Areas with the same non-negative spindle number are not backed up at the same time if maxdumps is greater than one. This prevents thrashing on an individual physical disk. Set spindle number to -1 (which is the default) for independent areas that can be done in conjunction with any other area, such as a whole physical disk.

5. If the tape server has multiple network connections, an advanced.conf interface section may be set up for each one and clients allocated to a particular interface with field five of the disklist. Individual interfaces take precedence over the general netusage bandwidth limit and follow the same guidelines described above in "Configuring Amanda": the limit is imposed when deciding whether to start a dump, but once a dump starts, Amanda lets underlying network components do any throttling.