Backup Sets

  • The Backup Set is a key concept that simplifies and optimizes the enterprise-wide backup system.
    • A Backup Set is a collection of configuration and backup polices.
    • It describes what to backup, how to backup, where to backup to and when to backup.
    • All ZMC backup, reporting, monitoring and recovery actions are performed in the context of the Backup Set.
    • Backup Sets cannot share media volumes.
      • For example: Two Backup Sets can use the same tape changer (simultaneously) but each should have a separate set of slots that can be used.

What Backup Set Contains

  • A Backup Set consists of:
    • a unique name identifying a list of hosts, directories, excluded files, etc.
    • that are backed up to a tape or disk via holding disk or otherwise
    • whose full and incremental backup schedules are automatically configured by Amanda
    • and which employ a common set of parameter/algorithms for backup.
    • ZMC enforces that two Backup Sets do not write to the same tape or to the same directory in case disk is used as the backup media.
      • ZMC also enforces that it does not accidentally overwrite a tape/disk belonging to another Backup Set.

What Backup Set Does

  • A Backup Set allows a user to optimize the processes of Backup and Restore.
  • Each set of data that need to be backed up in a similar way, could have its own Backup Set.

Multiple Backup Sets

  • ZMC permits and encourages the use of multiple Backup Set for the enterprise.
  • For many enterprises, one Backup Set may suffice.


    • when there is large diversity in data,
    • or when there is a need to backup certain data on tape and others on disk,
    • or some via a holding disk and others without it,
    • or different algorithms to work on different data are required
    • or a user wants to experiment with different options and see what suits best

multiple Backup Sets can be deployed.

Create /Open a Backup Set

  • The Begin Button on the Welcome page brings a user to the Create/Open a Backup Set page.

Fig. 1  Create / Open a Backup Set Page.

  • The left panel (No 1 above) allows a user to create a new Backup Set.
  • This can be done with the help of a Template or without one.
    • Templates
      • ZMC has a number of templates to help a user to create a Backup Set.
      • To create a new Backup Set from scratch, click the drop down box and select <No Template>
      • To create a new Backup Set from a template choose any of the other options in the drop down box. The templates currently available are:
        • harddisk
        • single-tape
        • tape-changer
      • Backup Set Name
        • Choose a unique meaningful name for the Backup Set.
      • Comments
        • Comments play no active role in the backup process.
        • They are intended to be a short reminder for the user.
        • Most sysadmins enter the key parameters of the tape system here. This field can be left blank if the user does not want to add any comment.
  • The right panel (No 2 above) allows for the opening of an existing Backup Set.
    • Choose this option to Edit/ Monitor/ Report/ Restore Backup Sets.
    • Once a Backup Set is configured and activated after verification, the backups happen automatically.
      • ZMC is not needed to perform the backups.
    • The 'Backup Set Name' drop down box shows the list of all existing Backup Sets to choose from.
      • Once an existing Backup Set has been selected, its comments will also be displayed.

Go Button

  • Click the Go Button to enable the tabs for various functionalities.