Admin Preferences


The Admin sub-tabs let you perform the administration tasks that may arise while using ZMC. The Preferences tab sets user preferences. These preferences apply to all backup sets.

Admin Preferences Page Overview

Fig1. Overview Admin Preferences Page The Admin Preferences page lets you set:

  • Retrieval of dismissed ZMC pages.
  • The ZMC Session Time out limit

Admin Preferences Page Procedure

The Admin Preferences page is divided into two panels. Fig 2. Admin Preferences Page

  • The left panel (No. 1 above) sets whether dismissed pages should be retrieved.
  • The right panel (No. 2 above) sets the session timeout after which a user is automaticall logged out of ZMC.

User Preferences

There is one user preference that can be set in this panel. The first two pages after ZMC login have a check box at the bottom left of each page. If these boxes are checked, the initial startup pages are note displayed after the next login.

Retrieve dismissed pages
By default, the radio button is set to No, meaning pages dismissed by checking the "Don't display this again" remain hidden on subsequent logins. If set to Yes, the initial startup pages are re-enabled. You can set this option at any time; changes will take effect at the next log in.

System Preferences

ZMC Session Timeout 
After the browser has been inactive the specified number of minutes, users will be required to log in again to use the ZMC.
The default Session Time out interval is 15 minutes. It can be changed to any integer value between 0 and 300 (minutes). The change takes effect at the next log in.
Caution: Think about security before setting a value too high (say in excess of 60 minutes).

Save Button

After setting the preferences, click the Save to save your changes.