Backup Set-the Backbone of ZMC

About Backup Sets

The backup set is a grouping mechanism that simplifies and optimizes backing up many systems with different backup requirements. It lets an administrator define a set of backup policies (what, how, where and when) to different backup runs.

All ZMC actions (backup, restore, reporting, and monitoring) are performed in the context of backup sets.

Backup sets cannot share target media volumes. For example, two backup sets can use the same tape changer simultaneously, but each should have a separate set of slots.

Multiple backup sets are useful for protecting a large number of systems with different backup requirements, but many organizations with less complex backup requirements can define a single backup set to meet their needs. For example, on a network that includes servers with high rate of data change along with desktop systems that change more slowly, you would probably want to create one backup set for the servers, and another backup set for the desktops.

All data to be backed up can be organized in backup sets based on:

  1. Backup policy:  Backup schedule, how often a full backup is performed and how long the data is retained.
  2. Backup media:  All data from a backup set are backed up using same device (disk storage or tape drive).
  3. Backup window: Data in different backup sets can be backed up at the same time to different devices. There can be parallelism within the backup set from the client to the backup staging area.

What a Backup Set Contains

A backup set is a uniquely-named record of backup policies, including:

  • hosts, directories, and files to exclude.
  • the backup target, which can be a tape device or disk (via holding disk or virtual tape)
  • the type of backup to perform (full or incremental); schedules are automatically configured by Amanda.

Amanda ensures that two backup sets do not write to the same tape (or to the same directory if disk media is used for backup). Amanda also enforces that it does not accidentally overwrite a tape/disk belonging to another backup set.

Create/Open a Backup Set

  • The Begin Button on the Welcome page opens the Create/Open a Backup Set page.


This page is divided into two panels.

  • The left panel lets you create a new Backup set. A new backup set can be based on a template, or you can fill in all the parameters manually.
  • The right panel lets you open and edit an existing backup set.
Backup Set Owners and Permissions

ZMC implements a Role Based Access Control system. The owner of a backup set has full rights to edit and delete it. Aside from the Administrator (who has global privileges to modify any backup set), no one else may alter a backup set but its owner.

As users are added to ZMC (via Admin.->User Management Tab), their names are added to the drop down list upon the next ZMC login.

Backup Set Name

Provide a meaningful, unique name for the new backup set.


Comments (Input box No. 4 in Fig. 2 above) play no active role in the backup process. They are intended as a reference to help you identify the parameters of this backup set. Many users enter the key parameters of the tape system here.