Error Messages

About Logs and Console Messages

Both logs and console messages can contain links to the Zmanda network, which provides more detailed and up-to-date troubleshooting advice.

About Error Messages

  • All messages (informational as well as errors) are displayed in a small window below the sub-task navigation element in question.

Fig. 1 Message Window/Error Window

  • Messages can originate from the Zmanda Management Console or from Amanda. Only ZMC errors are listed below.
  • The Zmanda Network Knowledgebase provides additional troubleshooting information. Please login to the Zmanda Network and use the search feature to find help for your particular ZMC/Amanda Enterprise problem.


ZMC Error Message Reference

ZMC Database Query failed : <error message>  
Check whether ZMC MySQL server process is running. If it is not running, restart it using /etc/init.d/zmc restart

Amanda enterprise requires mtx tape changer program. Please install mtx package from the OS distribution 
Amanda uses mtx to control the tape changer. If tape changer is being used as part of the backup set, mtx should be installed on the Amanda server. This program is not shipped as part of Amanda Enterprise edition. It can be found as part of OS distribution.

Could not read license information. Please contact Zmanda Support to resolve the issue
Amanda Enterprise Edition could not read the license file due to some error condition. If the license file has been set up as described in Downloading and Installing Amanda Enterprise Components, contact Zmanda Support for further troubleshooting assistance.

Device name $device_name is not configured in the kernel 
The device file name specified in Backup Where page is invalid. The device driver may not be present in the kernel or the device is not connected to the backup server. The device should be connected to the Amanda server and device driver must be configured before activating the backup set that uses the device.

Cannot lock Amanda configuration file <file name> for writing 
Check the permissions of the configuration file. All configuration files on the Amanda server should be owned by amandabackup user and disk group. The file should be readable and writable by the file owner.

Can't switch to incremental dump
This failure message can be caused by any of the following conditions:
  • Amanda can not perform a full backup to a holding disk in "degraded" mode if the holding disk reserve has been set to 100% (which is the default). A scheduled backup will fail on a new disk (i.e. a disk that has not had a full backup) if all the holding disk space is reserved for incremental backups. Fix the problem with the device that is causing Amanda to revert to "degraded" mode. You can also set the reserve for incrementals to something less than %100 if you wish to have Amanda attempt a full backup to holding disk in case of device failure.
  • Amanda's estimate of the incremental failed or timed out after a full estimate succeeded.
  • Amanda cannot fall back to incremental backups if you have set the backup strategy as strategy noinc.
  • An amadmin force was executed on the disk list entry.

Could not determine validation for dumper
The Data Integrity page reads and verifies that backed up data image on the media has not been modified. In the case application clients (such as Windows Oracle), the check does not proceed beyond determining whether the tape is readable. In this case, the message “Could not determine validation for dumper“ is displayed and logged. This message can be safely ignored.

Error in connecting to ZMC Event Server 
Check whether Zmanda Management Console event server is running. If it is not running, the user should attempt the following command:
# /etc/init.d/zmc restart
Please note that all Zmanda Management Console user sessions should be logged out before attempting the command.

Specified Amanda backup set does not exist 
The Amanda backup set directory under /etc/amanda directory on the Amanda server is not present or Amanda user amandabackup cannot read the directory.

Cannot open Amanda configuration file 
The Amanda configuration file - amanda.conf for the backup set is not present under /etc/amanda directory. This problem can happen if the user modifies the configuration file directly without using Zmanda Management Console.

Amanda user amandabackup does not exist on the system 
The Amanda user amandabackup is created during Amanda Enterprise Edition installation. Check the installation logs /var/logs/amanda/install.log for reasons why amandabackup user was not created.

Amanda home directory /var/lib/amanda does not exist in the system 
The Amanda user amandabackup created during Amanda Enterprise Edition. The home directory for the amandabackup user should be /var/lib/amanda for Amanda to function correctly.

Cannot open xinetd configuration file /etc/xinetd.d/amandaserver 
The Amanda installation process should install amandaserver xinetd configuration file on the Amanda server. This file is neccessary to perform backups. Please check installation logs /var/lib/amanda/install.log on the Amanda server for errors.

xinetd configuration file /etc/xinetd.d/amandaserver values are not correct 
The values in xinetd configuration file amandaserver is incorrect. A copy of the xinetd configuration file amandaserver is installed at /var/lib/amanda/example/xinetd.amandaserver on the Amanda server.

Invalid values specified in xinetd configuration file /etc/xinetd.d/amandaserver for parameters user, group or server 
Please check the values of these fields in the xinetd configuration file. A copy of the xinetd configuration file amandaserver is installed at /var/lib/amanda/example/xinetd.amandaserver on the Amanda server.

System Error DBD::mysql::db do failed: Incorrect key file for table '<table_path_filename>'; try to repair it at /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/amreport_wrapper line 105.
ZMC Database Query failed: mysql query failed:Incorrect key file for table '<table_path_filename>'; try to repair it
The server has run out of disk space while trying to write to table_path_filename. Amanda Enterprise requires that its installation and temporary directories directories have at least 10% free space at all times.

amcheck-clients: tcpm_recv_token: invalid size HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

There is a port conflict between Amanda and another application (perhaps an HTTP server). Change the port used by Amanda or by the HTTP server. Edit the /etc/services file to change the port assignments and restart inetd/xinetd.

<changer name> changer is not supported by Amanda enterprise edition. 
Amanda Enterprise Edition supports tape changer controls using mtx. Change the changer in Amanda configuration file - amanda.conf for the backup set to chg-zd-mtx

Server Should be running ZMC 2.6.4 or higher
This error is returned when you try to restore to a client that is running an older version of the client software. Either upgrade the client, or follow the procedures for disabling zmrecover as described in the "Restore Client Requirements" section of the Requirements chapter.

This backup cannot be restored to a xxxxx Destination Host
Usually this means you are trying to restore a Windows (i.e., non-tar) backup to a Linux or Solaris client. This is not supported through the Zmanda Management console.

Server Not the Same as Index or Tape Server
This error is returned when the ZMC server name or IP address does not match at least one of the index servers or tape servers in /etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf on the backup client machine. Make sure the name or IP address you enter in the Management Console exists and is defined in /etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf on the backup client machine.

Ignoring Stream <stream_id> <stream_size> <stream_type>
This message is generated when Amanda attempts to back up a Windows client file with extended attributes that exceed 65K. PKzip has a hard limit of 65k per file for metadata streams, so if the metadata streams associated with a particular file exceed 65K, Amanda will only back up the first 65k, and identify the skipped streams in the Zmanda Windows Client log file (C:\Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Client for Windows\Debug\LogFile.txt). Streams can be identfied as follows (any other stream IDs are specific to the Zmanda Client for Windows):
Stream ID Description
2 Extended attributes
3 ACLs
4 alternate data stream
5 hard link information
6 property data
7 object identifier
8 re-parse data
9 sparse block
10 alternate data stream name


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Oracle Recovery failed due to an absent or incorrect Oracle Connection String in ZWCConfig.txt
The Zmanda Client for Windows uses the Oracle connection string defined in the client's ZWCConfig.txt to connect to the Oracle database. This error is returned if the connection string is not entered (or entered incorrectly) before running a restore. Refer to [these instructions] to correct the problem.

Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator su: User account has expired
This message can occur if the password for the amandabackup user has expired or if you have not provided a password for the amandabackup user. Fix any problems with the password and then upgrade/install Amanda and enter the correct password for the amandabackup user when prompted.