User Guide

The Zmanda Management Console and User Guide

The About page provides a short description of the Version Number of ZMC that is being run. About Page In the above figure, Version 2.6.4 of ZMC is being run (No. 1 above).

Additional Links

The About page has two additional links:

  • Privacy Policy link (No. 2 above): Displays the Privacy Policy page of Zmanda Inc.
  • Zmanda Inc. link,(No. 3 above): Jumps to the home page of Zmanda Inc.



The User Guide icon is available on all pages of the Zmanda Management Console. It opens the Table of Contents of this manual. User Guide Note: Actual TOC may vary depending upon the version of ZMC.

Getting Support

When all else fails, ZMC provides a convenient e-mail support request that automatically attaches all the relevant files required to reproduce the problem. This system is explained here.

Context-Sensitive Help

Clicking the question mark icon question.jpg opens a page from the Guide relevant to the current page of the ZMC.