Support Log Collection Tool

Running the Support Script

ZMC includes a support script that gathers various logs helpful for troubleshooting. It includes options for mailing the logs to the Zmanda Support Team (e-mail must be configured and running on the Amanda server).

To start the script, log in as root and run the following commands:

# cd /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin 
# ./zm-support  

This generates an archive of all the log files in the current directory. The automatically-generated file name will be displayed at the end of zm-support run:


Please send this log file -> zm-logs-ZmandaNetworkAccountID-LogID.tar.g

You can email the file using your regular e-mail mechanism.

Alternatively, use zm-support --ship-to-zmanda to send the logs, assuming e-mail is configured on the Amanda server.

zm-support Options

The --help option generates a usage message. Options are detailed below.

--config ConfigFile1 [, ConfigFile2...] 
Specifies configuration files to include in the archive. By default, all configuration files are archived.
--skip-config ConfigFile1 [, ConfigFile2...] 
Same as above, except this specifies configurations to exclude.
Excludes ZMC and related information from the archive.
Excludes Amanda and related information from the archive.
Excludes the ZMC mysql database from the archive.
Excludes the ZMC mysql-zrm log files from the archive.
Excludes the /var/log/messages file from the archive.
-f or --ftp-to-zmanda 
Automatically transfer the archive to Zmanda Support using ftp.
Automatically mails the archive to Zmanda Support.
Rather than creating an archive, create a system information file (system-info-timestamp) in the current directory, and list the configurations and logs that should be examined or sent to Zmanda Support.
List the files as they are gathered. The default to operate silently.
Display a usage message.