Zmanda Client for Nexenta

Amanda Enterprise Client packages for Nexenta should be downloaded from Zmanda Network Downloads page (Zmanda Network credentials are required).

Amanda Enterprise Client allows users to backups Nexenta file systems and zvols (raw volumes). The Nexenta file systems and zvols are configured on the Amanda Enterprise Server as Solaris file systems in the ZMC Backup What page. All backup methods supported by Solaris client are also supported for data stored on NexentaStor.

Amanda Enterprise can use NexentaStor as the staging area or the final destination for disk backups.


NexentaStor appliance should be running 3.1.1-6882 (r9488) or greater. Please upgrade the appliance using setup appliance upgrade command to newer version.

  • Please note that open source Amanda client should not be installed. Please remove the open source amanda client packages - amanda-common, amanda-server and amanda-client before installing Amanda Enterprise packages.
  • Use the following commands to install Amanda Enterprise client packages:

dpkg -i amanda-enterprise-backup-client
dpkg -i amanda-enterprise-extensions-

  • You can verify that the packages are installed using the following command:

dpkg -l | grep amanda
ii  amanda-enterprise-backup 3.3.4-1nexenta       Amanda Enterprise Network Backup and Archiving software
ii  amanda-enterprise-extens 3.3.4-1nexenta       Amanda Enterprise Network Backup and Archiving Client Extensions

Configuration on NexentaStor

  • Add "<Amanda Enterprise backup server name> amandabackup amdump" to/var/lib/amanda/.amandahosts file on the NexentaStor appliance.
  • Add the following to the /etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf on the NexentaStor appliance:

index_server "<Amanda Enterprise backup server ip address>"
tape_server "<Amanda Enterprise backup server ip address>

  • Please make sure amandabackup user has appropriate privileges to perform ZFS operations

/usr/sbin/usermod -P "Media Backup,ZFS File System Management,ZFS Storage Management" amandabackup

After making these changes, you should be able to add the Nexenta file systems and zvols to a backup set in ZMC Backup What page as Solaris file systems (Select Solaris under File systems drop down box).