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Table of contents
    1. 1.1. Backup Sets
  1. 2. The Backup Sets tab allows you to create, edit, duplicate, and delete backup sets. All Amanda configuration is organized as backup sets.   Backup Set Owner  Choose an owner from the dropdown. ZMC User management is described here. Backup Set Name Specify a unique name for the backup set. The name can consist of alphanumeric characters. Periods (.) and dashes (-) are also allowed. Backup Set name cannot be more than 255 characters. Comments Comments are optional and are intended to serve as a reminder as to why the backup set was created. Report Display Unit The unit used in Amanda reports for the backup set. Please note changing the value will not impact reports of the already completed backup runs. The user is warned if there are no storage devices or backup clients or backup schedule is associated with the backup set as shown below. These operations must be completed before the backup set can be activated.
      1. 2.1.1. View/Edit/Delete Backup Sets
  2. 3. The list of backup sets is displayed in the table- the state of the backup sets: active, inactive, and not configured as displayed. The health status of the backup set is also displayed. If there are errors, the backup set cannot be used. The deletion of the backup set removes the given backup set and all the settings associated with it from the ZMC. After deletion, the ZMC will have no record of backups completed by the backup set, but the backups themselves are retained regardless of storage media (staging area, tape, S3, etc.) unless manually deleted. To retrieve backup data from the staging area after the backup set (and hence its catalog) has been deleted, please see this Zmanda Knowledgebase article. When you click the Delete button, the ZMC prompts for confirmation. Proceed with caution as there is no way to undo the deletion. If you attempt to delete a backup set that is active (i.e., selected from the Backup Set dropdown at the top right of the page), the ZMC will take you to the Create a New Backup Set page after confirmation. Otherwise, you are returned to the Admin Backup Sets page. You can also abort the backup run for a backup set using the Abort button.  Aborting a backup stops the backup job and cleans up all the backup processes on the Amanda server. The following confirmation window is displayed to confirm abort operation.